Nightmare Fuel / Pacificators

  • Shiva burned one of the Romanian sleuths alive.
  • The other Romanian sleuth threatened Daryl’s life, and just when everybody thought he was going to stab her, he stabbed himself and allowed himself to fall into the ocean to be eaten alive by sharks. (Doubles as Fridge Brilliance and Shown Their Work - sharks are attracted by the scent of blood.)
  • When Cinna gets angry, she gets angry.
  • Yuma hit Qamra with an Orange Type 3 bomb, causing her to lose an eye and an ear. The damage was so bad, the eyepatch now covers the entire left half of Qamra’s face.
  • The Spanish guardsman Rendo killed on-screen.
    Rendo: Kudos to you for surviving my first zap, but you gonna have to stay dead.
    • It’s the way Rendo killed that man. He just doesn’t care. Psycho Electro, indeed.
  • The Muscovite captain sank the pirate captain with his own ship.
    • Granted, the pirate captain chose that fate, and he faced it with dignity, but still.
  • We get to see a brief flashback of the last moments of Egmond’s wife’s life.
  • The female Preserver, Amanda, had her neck snapped right in front of her big brother Austin.
  • Nozomi used her powers to save Queen Belinda from the assassins... via Body Horror attacks: tearing one assassin's heart in half, suffocating another by sucking the air out of his lungs, and bursting another's testicles.
    • Apparently, when Benito first met Nozomi, he quickly learned to respect, and fear, her after she destroyed one of his testicles.
  • Remember how a lot of non-powered people seem to dislike those with powers? Apparently, we have Castella Brandsford to thank for it - she was once one of the best Pacificators of Light they ever had, and then she went mad…
  • In chapter 41, Tiamat gains the upper hand against Larima... however, remember that Larima can't swim. That hand right there? That's Larima.
    • Her sister Taffe was definitely horrified.
  • Want to know why Rendo is considered so dangerous? Here's why.
    Cinna: Did the lightning came out of the ocean?!
  • Rendo very nearly killed Larima.