Funny / Pacificators

  • Apparently Indiana Jones became a legend in the future.
    Allan: Archaeology is full of risks, and there’s this legend about a hero archaeologist with a hat and a whip.
    Christopher: We’re not sure if he actually existed.
  • Shiva thinks ahead. Enlil... doesn’t. He took the train to the Portugal port city of Lisboa, and arrived three whole days before Enlil - and he certainly enjoyed the lovely women and the excellent wine. Again, when they were ordered to go to Basque, Shiva brought train tickets, but Enlil had taken off without him... only to literally crash into the train later and bruising her pride in the process.
  • Christopher learned the hard way to not call Cinna and her freckles ugly.
  • Muneca lectures the stowaway boys Jacob and Travis. She ripped into them so hard that their (and Daryl’s) ears were smoking afterwards.
  • Daryl is slightly sensitive about her weight; on the boat ride, when she remarked that she was hungry and a whale breached right on cue, she shouted: “I’m not that hungry!!”
  • The Running Gag about Platoon 113 being a “Harem Platoon.”
  • Jacob tried to get his revenge on Cinna by dumping a bucket of chum on her. It hit Muneca instead (Oh, Crap! indeed, boys).
  • The pirate, Ferdinand Cook, is apparently gynophobic; he deserted the ship as soon as he saw that Muneca and Cinna were onboard - complete with an Impact Silhouette, nonetheless.
  • Jacob moons Cinna.
  • Obliteration of privacy! (The Russians blew up the ship's toilet.) Later a Brick Joke when Cinna tells the story to the Torbern sisters.
  • Our introduction to Breanne is slightly anti-climatic.
  • Jacob flashes Muneca (and Daryl, who wasn’t quite as disturbed). Later he tried this technique on the Torbern sisters, but they were completely unfazed. Well, they are French...
  • Any of Shiva's Large Ham moments.
  • Hermes haven’t quite gotten his motorcycle down pat.
  • Cinna slams the door into Muneca’s face, though it was an accident. Muneca returns the favor, which was not an accident. As an added bonus, there’s a soot-blackened Taffe as Funny Background Event.
  • We finally get to see Taffe’s Deadpan Snarker nature in action.
    Cinna: My neck’s sore from sleeping on the seat!
    Taffe: (whispering) More like from dreaming about your dream guys.
    Cinna: Did you say something?
    Taffe: Nothing.
  • Enlil has excellent aim.
  • Shiva assumed the pretty waitress had come back, so he began to flirt with her... then he looked up, only to see the big hairy male cook. Squick indeed, Shiva.
  • A small Brick Joke which took 330 pages - Taffe hates make-up. Later, however, when the platoon were to meet the Spanish king, Muneca managed to get Taffe all prettied up (while Taffe doesn’t care about looking good for the Spanish royalty, Muneca - who is Spanish - does), much to her displeasure.
  • At first, it seemed like a heartwarming bonding moment between Cinna and Daryl (“If you need any romantic advice, just ask me!”), but it later turns into a Laser-Guided Karma and Hoist By Her Own Petard when Daryl took her up on her invitation... by turning her into The Bait.
    Daryl: Oh Cinna, you told me to ask you whenever I need any romance advice. How about a demonstration on prettying yourself up?
  • Rendo is a pervert.
    Rendo: Hey! Where are the hot redhead babes in bikini armor?! All I see are a bunch of dull and ugly girls!
    Taffe: Such outfits would make us seem like a gang of whores!
    Rendo: So what?! That makes them look so sexy!
  • The first time Platoon 113 was called the Harem Platoon on-screen to their faces.
    Yuma: I only see fragile, ineffectual women. I now understand why there have been rumors of a Pacificator harem.
    Cinna: Let me get it straight. We’re not in anyone’s goddamn harem!
    Taffe: Nothing intimate!
    Daryl: (whispering) I’m so embarrassed!
  • Cinna accidentally steps on Muneca’s hat, which had fallen off in the battle. Cue a freezing Death Glare which lasted for two pages.
  • Breanne gets her way, and she’s not letting her small size stop her.
  • Shiva clearly have different worries compared to Enlil, and she doesn’t appreciate it one bit.
    Shiva: Ooohhh!
    Enlil: Shiva?! What? More bandits?!
    Enlil: Shiva? What’s wrong?! Are you hurt?!
    Shiva: The Basque wine I wanted to taste are all gone!
    • The next page...
    Shiva: [Loud exclamation]
    Enlil: Eek! More bandits?!
    Shiva: Look what I found! An intact bottle of Basque wine!
  • Muneca almost didn’t graduate at all. Why? She failed Physical Education... because she hated the dress code and decided to skip the classes. That’s right. Muneca didn’t go to a single P.E. class at all.
    • Also a Crowning Moment of Awesome because Muneca still managed to graduate with the twelfth ranking - that’s right, there were only eleven students who graduated with better G.P.A. than she did. Had she attended the P.E. courses, odds are good she would’ve been the top student.
  • Daryl accidentally (spoilers ahead) scares the living daylights out of Taffe ...because Taffe is deaf, and didn’t hear Daryl coming up behind her. As an added bonus, there’s a Funny Background Event with the bat. That poor, poor bat.
  • Cinna and Aphrodite meets. It’s taken Up to 11 when Aphrodite, being chased by Cinna, runs into... Muneca. Luckily for Aphrodite, Cinna and Muneca got into a fight (but of course), allowing her to escape.
    • From that point on, pretty much every time Aphrodite and Muneca meets.
  • Cinna was trying to tell Muneca about Aphrodite and her Invisibility power, but not succeeding.
    Muneca: You’re just playing tricks on me!
    Cinna: I’m not!
    Aphrodite: [giggling]
    Cinna: Did you hear that?
    Muneca: Hear what?
    Cinna: Show yourself!
    Muneca: I thought so. Your mental health needs to be re-evaluated.
  • Shiva loves to show off.
  • The whole ‘Cinna as The Bait’ plot. Quite possibly the funniest scene so far in the entire story.
  • Here's a nice Comically Missing the Point moment while the group were discussing who would be The Bait to draw away Rendo:
    Cinna: Hey, what about Ex-Boss?
    Qamra: Like he’d be interested in some one-eyed woman.
    Cinna: That’s right, you’re too old.
  • Princess Belinda’s brothers certainly made her life miserable.
    Princess Belinda: The worst of all was when they made the trapdoor in the bathroom and I fell through it. I ended up naked in the public!
  • Cinna is finally unveiled as The Bait.
    Cinna: Ugh, I feel like a porn star.
    • And Rendo had an explosive nosebleed… however, his face was blotted out, censor-style, complete with a note from the author:
      J.A.: Not the kind of face children should see.
  • After Larima’s Big Damn Heroes moment in which she stops Yuma from bombing Muneca and Bismun, she takes out herself accidentally and ends up sprawling on top of Yuma.
  • Daryl shuts down Cinna, and quite magnificently at that.
    Daryl: (as a response to Cinna teasing Taffe about her crush on Gincoi) How’d you feel if we told everyone that you flirted with Rendo!
  • Breanne’s surname was spelled wrong on the challenge card.
  • The platoon unwinds in an adorable, bonding moment.
  • Shiva gets a Shameful Strip, which Enlil did not want to see.
  • Platoon 113 are still girls after all - we can see them plotting to get Bismun and Qamra together again.
  • Cinna and Muneca fights over who gets the bathroom first; it includes Muneca handcuffing Cinna to a doorknob, and Cinna melting and welding Muneca's shoes to the carpet. Larima got there first, however.
    • To top it off, Muneca (who apparently has multiple pairs of handcuffs) intentionally used the one she doesn't has a key to on Cinna.
  • Shiva realizes that the Renegades have several new weaknesses, and to top it off, Enlil had gone missing.
    Shiva: And we have a new problem. Enlil’s not here.
    Osiris: I saw a florist back there. We can buy some flowers for her grave.
  • Daryl crashes into Aphrodite, via Funbag Airbag (Aphrodite was invisible at the time).
  • Muneca threatens Aphrodite with a sexual harassment suit.
    Muneca: YOU! I’ll get you charged for sexually assaulting me!
    Aphrodite: I only tickled your sides, not your private parts!
    Muneca: My whole body is private!
  • Aphrodite finally managed to cloak two objects at the same time, thus enabling her to set out a trap for Muneca... specifically, a Pie in the Face.
  • Daryl finally meets Breanne.
  • It turns out that Bismun and Breanne used to date.
    Bismun: You’re still as wicked as ever, and we only had one date.
    Breanne: That’s because you broke up with me!
    Bismun: That’s because I don’t like you scurrying over me like a squirrel.
  • The Pirate Ferdinand Cook shows that he’s Too Dumb to Live when he mistook Taffe for a boy... the second time.
    • The Torbern sisters then proceed to kick the pirates’ butts, and man, is it awesome.
    • Though Cinna arguably stole the show with her impressive Cheshire Cat Grin.
  • After all the male Groin Attacks (mostly victims of Taffe’s steel-tipped boots), we get a female one with poor Cinna.
  • A minor Running Gag; the male Preserver, Austin, got knocked back into the water twice by Breanne and then got a Groin Attack from her; his sister Amanda, another Preserver, finally took matters into her hands and bodily threw Breanne into the water.
  • Muneca heads off the renegades with one of her infamous Death Glares. Osiris’ reaction is priceless.
    Muneca: Renegades, I will not allow you to carry out your intentions. Surrender yourselves!
    • It says something about how scary Muneca is that four renegades - Hermes, Khnum, Osiris, and Enlil (who’ve successfully fought two Elite-ranked Pacificators to a standstill) - ran away from her.
      • When the renegades managed to get away, Osiris had this to add:
      Osiris: Wow, I’m alive?
  • Khnum tied up Muneca with a brass pipe. What made that a Crowning Moment of Funny, instead of just Crowning Moment of Awesome, was that he added a pretty little bow as a finishing touch.
    Enlil: Idiot! There’s no time to add your stupid finishing touches!
  • Shiva meets up with the renegades after being shoved into the (dirty) ocean and he was covered with seaweed, crabs, junk, and shells.
    Osiris: The ghost of Shiva has risen from his watery grave to haunt us!
    Khnum: Can I have those shiny shells?!
  • Shiva, not knowing the canister actually contained fuel, smelled the alcohol in it and drank it. He didn’t like it.
  • Nozomi answered the phone carefully, expecting Enrique to shout like he did before. He didn’t this time. Nozomi was not sympathetic at all.
    Enrique: (whispering) I beg you... please come and save me.
    Nozomi: ...Maybe. [hangs up]
    Benito: You’re an evil woman.
    Nozomi: Nay, he brought it upon himself.
  • Like Indiana Jones, the story of Peter Pan had endured the second Dark Age.
    Jacob: Where did you get that awesome gun?!
    Ferdinand: I took this gun from me father. He told me to always keep with me so I can be ready to kill that fearsome flying warrior.
    Jacob: Who?
    Ferdinand: Peter Pan.
  • Here's an out-of-comic one: J.A.'s take on Rule 63!
    Female!Cinna: He's tall! Aim lower!
  • Daryl learned her wrestling moves from a goat.
  • Muneca accidentally trips herself with her own power, and after Cinna mocks her, she gets even... by draining blood from Cinna's brain, therefore making her black out.
    • Quite naturally, they got into another squabble following this.
      Cinna: That evil blood-sucking doll used me as her guinea pig!
  • Lately, Daryl has started shutting up Cinna by shoving objects into her face.
  • Benito warned Enrique to not to fool around with Nozimo, who wouldn't hesitate to castrate him. Enrique takes the warning seriously.
  • Cinna shares the story of the time Muneca fell into the pool during a P.E. class (Muneca refused to participate, naturally, but she decided to try to "walk" on the water for the heck of it. It didn't work).
    Cinna: Took her a while to get out, and she was so wet that her water broke!
    Daryl: Broke her water?
    Cinna: She didn't realize her leggings were overfilled with water. They fell apart and made a big splash!
    • Muneca gets revenge on Cinna for telling the story to the platoon...
      Daryl: Miss Powell, do you have any embarrassing stories about Cinna?
      Muneca: Well, I do have a story about how she made an even bigger splash.
      Cinna: Huh?!
      Muneca: /shoves Cinna into the pool
  • Kathy Lee is a Big Eater, apparently, since she ate three whole apple pies in just four days. (Granted, they were Daryl's apple pies.)
  • Muneca certainly wasn't expecting to see two shirtless guys sparring.
  • The whole encounter between Aphrodite and Muneca, starting here, and ending here.
    Shiva: (upon seeing the mess) Whoa, Aphrodite's good.
    • Muneca gets in the last hit, however:
      Chancellor: What happened?
      Aphrodite: /waves and sticks out her tongue at Muneca from behind the Chancellor
      Muneca: It was a trivial prank played on me by an immature child.
      Aphrodite: /gasps, and makes a rude gesture before running off
  • Shiva escaped the Pacificators' headquarters by climbing out of the window in the men's restroom... and falling into a bush of roses. Ouch.
  • Ferdinand Cook the pirate was not happy to see Enlil (a woman!), nor Aphrodite (yet another woman!). They knew that, and deliberately terrify him.
    • Observe the Painting the Fourth Wall on that page: under the panel where Aphrodite... well, preens, the zeros in the page number (100) are little hearts.
  • Shiva and Ferdinand Cook seals their deal with a Spit Shake. What makes this page hilarious is Enlil's and Aphrodite's expressions.
  • On one of the Subject101 extra pages ("Building up the world") - specifically, the one about currency - we get this warning below the picture of Breanne making a sales pitch for her card game: "Beware sellers in gothic outfits."
  • When Muneca makes Cinna a cup of cappuccino, as an apology, Cinna won't drink it until she's absolutely sure Muneca hasn't poisoned it.
  • Cinna winds up Larima (and getting a Dope Slap from Muneca in retaliation)... and then Taffe does it as well.
    Larima: It's stressful, but I will do anything to bring peace to this part of the world.
    Cinna: Including sharing a bed with some dirty king?
    Larima: Anything but that!
    Muneca: /slaps Cinna
    • And then the next page...
      Taffe: Larima, there's news of the discovery of many lost paintings, including Mona Lisa.
      Larima: /shrieks and flails
      Cinna: /laughs her butt off
      Muneca: /sweatdrops
  • Apparently Larima once posed in the nude for an artist...
    Cinna: Come on, Larima. Tell us about your hot date with [that artist], or I'll tell the story my way.
    Larima: Fine. [tells the story] ...however, he had some difficulties with the female anatomy.
    Cinna: She stripped down herself in front of him! I saw her doing that in his studio!
    • And it's implied that the painting of Larima in the nude got brought!
      Cinna: ...I also heard that the king [of one of the German kingdoms] brought the painting of -
      Muneca: That's enough!
  • A long Brick Joke: remember Cinna reading the personal ads in hopes of finding a hot guy? Remember how the hottest guy in those ads was gay? Turns out he's a commander of a Pacificator platoon... (Platoon 101 to be precise)
    Cinna: Hey! There's that hot gay guy I saw in the personal ads!
  • Jacob continues his personal little war upon Cinna.
    Cinna: I'll tar your mouth shut for that!
  • Taffe is a petite girl (the shortest member of the platoon, excluding Daryl, who is still growing), and Cinna is Hollywood Thin. That's why they were the only ones to fall into the water when Enlil attacked them. What makes it funny is that it happens a second time.
    Cinna: Not again!
  • Muneca and Cinna successfully got Ferdinand Cook... and left him in a humiliating position.
    • Enlil did nothing but laugh at Ferdinand Cook when she found him. (Despite being technically hired by him as a part of his crew. Way to support your boss, Enlil.)
  • Muneca also finally got Aphrodite, and when Cinna came running by...
    Cinna: Haha! [Muneca] finally got that fake-boobed Barbie doll!
    Aphrodite: Vaffanculo!
    Cinna: Fottere, you porn star! note 
  • Rendo is still a pervert. When he pulled up the unconscious Larima's skirt, Tiamat put a quick end to it.
    Tiamat: (dives-elbow-drops Rendo) Bad boy!
  • Rendo now has a crush on Tiamat. She's not impressed.
  • Ferdinand meets Rendo. Be sure to look at the face on his hat.
  • Cinna thinks Travis' outfit looks ridiculous.
    Cinna: Poor kid. He has been turned into a dress-up doll by the life-sized Doll.
    Muneca: /Death Glare
  • Muneca got the rest of the platoon to agree to pay for Travis' expenses... then she slapped Cinna with her bill. You just know that Cinna got a considerably higher bill than the rest. note 
  • Apparently there's a few of stupid commanders/people in high position in the Pacificators.
    Muneca: I recall one lady who believed that Japan was just west of Spain.
  • Look at the panel in the middle of the page, after the platoon has been told that the Chancellor will be interviewing them.
  • Queen Belinda is getting awfully bold with Nozomi.
  • Forget Muneca and Larima. You want a Death Glare? Enlil meets Egmond once again. note