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Fridge: Pacificators

Fridge Brilliance

  • Ever since Taffe’s introduction, her eyes have always had the slightest glow to them. Much later, we discover that she’s actively using her power all the time because she’s deaf, and she amplifies sound to help her hear.
    • There's also another small hint to this - Taffe is Brutally Honest, and that is an actual trait of deaf people.
  • When Muneca told her platoon and Kathy Lee about Hermes, Cinna guessed that his codename might be Mercury. Mercury is the Roman name for the Greek Hermes. Keep in mind that Cinna is from Italy (home to the Roman Empire); she would’ve grown up hearing about the mythologies with the Roman names, as opposed to the Greek versions that the others likely would’ve heard.
  • Why are the Torbern sisters so protective of each other? We know from Word of God that their parents died in a war. It's likely that they are the only living family they've got left - so naturally, they don't want to lose each other.

Fridge Horror

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