!Fridge Brilliance

* Ever since Taffe’s introduction, her eyes have always had the slightest glow to them. Much later, we discover that she’s actively using her power all the time [[spoiler: [[http://www.sailorenergy.net/MangaPacificators/MangaPacisV03CH01n049.html because she’s deaf,]] and she [[http://www.sailorenergy.net/MangaPacificators/MangaPacisV03CH01n050.html amplifies sound]] to [[http://www.sailorenergy.net/MangaPacificators/MangaPacisV03CH01n051.html help her hear.]]]]
** There's also another small hint to this - Taffe is BrutallyHonest, and that is [[spoiler:an actual trait of deaf people]].
* When Muneca told her platoon and Kathy Lee about [[http://www.sailorenergy.net/MangaPacificators2/MangaPacisV04n252.html Hermes,]] Cinna guessed that his codename might be Mercury. Mercury is the Roman name for the Greek Hermes. Keep in mind that Cinna is from Italy (home to the Roman Empire); she would’ve grown up hearing about the mythologies with the ''Roman'' names, as opposed to the Greek versions that the others likely would’ve heard.
* Why are the Torbern sisters [[BerserkButton so protective]] of each other? We know from WordOfGod that [[ParentalAbandonment their parents died in a war.]] It's likely that they are the only living family they've got left - so naturally, they don't want to lose each other.

!Fridge Horror

* Using powers means using up energy, which can [[http://www.sailorenergy.net/MangaPacificators/MangaPacisV01CH01P038.html shorten lifespans.]] We know that Taffe is [[spoiler: deaf,]] and uses her power constantly. Also, she really would prefer to be an actor, though she said, [[http://www.sailorenergy.net/MangaPacificators2/MangaPacisV04n095.html “I don’t know if I’ll ever get a chance and it might be too late for me.”]] Why? ''Because she uses her power constantly.'' [[TearJerker She’ll die at a much younger age than her older sister and her friends.]] [[spoiler: ''All because she was born deaf.'']]
** Larima uses her power quite a bit (she's something of a show-off). It makes one wonder if [[DrivenToSuicide she's doing it on purpose,]] so she won't have to live too long [[TearJerker without her little sister Taffe]] when Taffe almost inevitably dies before she does.
* Observe Muneca's wince when Qamra reveals [[http://www.sailorenergy.net/MangaPacificators/MangaPacisV03CH01n136.html her eyepatch]] to the others. Why did she do this? Because Qamra lost her eye and ear ''to a fire attack.'' [[spoiler:Muneca knows all too well what it feels like, since she was burned in a fire as a small girl, and has [[CoveredWithScars extensive burn scars]] which still [[WordOfGod hurts to this day]].]]
* We all know that Daryl Smithson inherited her power from her grandmother Helen Churchill, right? Helen was a very famous (and powerful) Pacificator of Light - so renowned, indeed, that decades later, people are expecting great things out of Daryl (when they find out who her grandmother is). We also know that Daryl [[spoiler: discovered, on her own, how to use ThePowerOfTheSun, and we later find out that Helen had tried to teach Daryl how to use this power (but was stopped from doing so).]] So, Daryl is obviously a LegacyCharacter where her grandmother is concerned...
** ...and yet there's more. The power of Light isn't just restricted to the visible light waves - according to WordOfGod and the "Building Up The World" series, the so-called power of Light is actually the ability to manipulate the entire electromagnetic spectrum, from radio to gamma waves. But the vast majority of Light users couldn't push beyond the visible colors (as confirmed by the fact that [[spoiler: Daryl was the first person to discover how to use ''microwave '' waves to sting people]]). [[HeWhoFightsMonsters Castella]] [[SanitySlippage Brandsford]] abused this ability to [[spoiler: kill thousands of people by radiation poisoning]].
** We also know that Castella was considered one of the best Pacificators of Light ever, up there with Helen. In other words, Castella had the exactly same abilities Helen has.
*** Now, let that sink in: [[spoiler: Daryl has access to the ''exactly same kind of power '' that Castella did. ''This is why '' Daryl's mother was so freaked upon catching Helen training Daryl. Her mother was afraid Daryl would end up like Castella - and the top-shots in the Pacificators are afraid of this, too. That's why they intentionally ranked Daryl as a "feebler" and tried their best to pull Daryl away from the combative platoons... if it wasn't for Bismun.]]
** Furthermore, we now know for sure that having powers do indeed [[WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity affect one's mental and physical well-being]]. Castella, after all, was infamous for her SanitySlippage. [[spoiler: Sadly, this means Daryl is at a real and legitimate risk of going insane.]]