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The "Gateway to Heavens" is actually a Space Elevator.
Look at those cables going up! What else could it be?
  • An oil platform? Naah.
  • Confirmed in chapter 56! Furthermore, it's one of the three space elevators.

Daryl stole her grandmother's staff.
Daryl's very hesitant to discuss her staff, and she seems to have trouble saying that she "inherited" it from her grandmother.
  • Seems to be proven wrong by chapter 37; in a flashback, we see Helen (Daryl's grandmother) teaching Daryl a few tricks, and then Daryl's mother storms in and angrily hurled the staff into the wall (hence that huge crack on the orb) before forcibly dragging Daryl away. Apparently, Daryl've got issues with her mother not wanting her to be a Pacificator, and it seems that Helen gave her staff to Daryl against her daughter's will...

The story will end with Cinna and Muneca being best friends.
...at least, if everything goes according to Daryl's wishes.

Aphrodite will switch sides.
She hates fighting, and doesn't seem to quite understand what it means to be a villain.

Platoon 113 will go to Japan.
...as part of their investigation on the mysterious Nozomi.
  • This is looking less likely - however, the platoon might would go to an Eastern country (most likely China)... especially so, since we (the readers) now know that Nozomi was once a Pacificator who had gone MIA (as far as the Pacificators know).

There is something going on between Kathy Lee and the Chancellor. Most likely, she's conspiring with him for total control of the Pacificators.
Let's observe several points!
  • Kathy, ever since the Chancellor arrived, have had been hanging around him a lot.
    • Yes, she's a freelancer, but we don't know whether she's been hired by him or not.
  • She spied on the Platoon 113 for him (specifically, the fight between the platoon and the renegades in chapters 39-41).
  • Despite the fact that Muneca should have been demoted or otherwise in trouble (mostly due to factors outside of her control, however), she hasn't.
    • The Chancellor, when first meeting Muneca, told her that he've "heard a lot about [her]," and he specifically singled her out to commend her when they were at a rally. He's definitely got his eye on her.
      • Why is this significant? Muneca is Kathy's best friend, ever since childhood. Odds are very good that Kathy didn't tell the Chancellor certain things about Muneca, such as her very, very illegal sword.
  • And last, there's this nod between the two of themů before Kathy started hanging around him.
    • Considering that Kathy was spying on Muneca's platoon the next chapter, this was probably a signal from the Chancellor.

Going off the above, Kathy will choose Muneca over the Chancellor.
Granted, we haven't seen many moments between the ladies, but it's obvious that they're dear to each other.
  • As mentioned in the "Kathy-and-the-Chancellor" theory, Kathy didn't tell the Chancellor, nor any other higher authorities, about Muneca's illegal sword.
    • She also apparently didn't tell them the finer details of any of Muneca's fights with the renegades which could put her into a poor light.
  • Kathy was totally ready to throw-down with Cinna when she thought Cinna've humiliated Muneca in front of the Chancellor.
  • Kathy goes out of her way to praise Muneca and basically give her a leg-up.

Considering the above two, Muneca knows all of this. She knows that Kathy's in league with the Chancellor, but isn't telling anybody.
ůMaybe that's because she trusts Kathy so much?

T-Pacificator powers have something to do with X Chromosomes.
  • It seems there are a lot more females with the superpowers and if a lot of technology and science knowledge has been lost it could be that this hasn't occurred to anyone because the basics of DNA have been forgotten.
    • This troper have had wondered the same. The best she could come up with is that the powers requires multiple genes to activate, and that those genes are all found on the X chromosomes. This explains why few men have them (it's possible, and there are known cases, for a guy to have XXY), and why the majority of women don't have powers, despite the fact that they should. To help explain this picture, let's say that, maybe, the powers requires six genes. A woman (or a man) could have one, two, three, four, or even five, of those genes, but since they don't have all six, they won't ever develop powers... but they could end up passing on those genes to their offspring. But then, who knows?
      • Biology is fun!
    • This is actually (sort of) supported in chapter 43. It seems that they do know the rough basics of genealogy, with the idea of genes, but they have no ability to identify genes. All they know is that powers require "the right combination of the right genes."
  • To add more to the mystery, chapter 56 strongly implies that powers are indeed linked to certain genes — specifically, the hidden "DNA keys."

Larima is suicidal.
  • T-Pacificators are discouraged from excessive usage of their powers, since it shortens their lifespans. And yet, the T-Pacificators still use their powers for mundane things (such as Cinna pranking Muneca), but Larima really takes the cake. She uses her power constantly - to "swim" (she doesn't know how to swim, so she uses her power to make herself float), playing with a make-shift water ball, or to skate on water molecules, and so on.
    • To understand why Larima might be suicidal, here's some background: she and her sister Taffe are orphans - according to Word of God, their parents were killed in a war. We've heard nothing about any other living family members, and it's implied that the sisters are the only ones left.
      • Confirmed in chapter 45, when Taffe tells Daryl about the sisters' history.
    • Furthermore, Taffe also uses her power a lot... because she is deaf, and she uses her power of air to help her hear. In Taffe's case, it's not so much of a choice, so she pretty much have to use her power constantly. This means Taffe will die at a relatively young age. Oh, and Taffe is Larima's baby sister.
      • Larima knows this. She knows her little sister will die before she does, leaving her all alone. The difference between the sisters is that the only time Taffe doesn't use her power is when she's sleeping. She uses it non-stop, literally. Larima can't match that, so instead she uses her power in greater (and frequent) bursts, in order to "catch up" with Taffe in terms of energy used.
      • Basically, she's ensuring that she will die around the same time Taffe does.

Daryl's mother was afraid Daryl would end up like...
...Castella Brandsford.
  • As of chapter 43, we now know that Daryl did inherited everything from her grandmother - the sheer scope of ability and skill, plus the amount of power and strength (guess what? Daryl's not a feebler! She's actually a powerful Pacificator... who has been intentionally mislabeled). We also know that Helen (and Daryl) are able to access the rest of the electromagnetic spectrum beyond the visible lights... just like Castella was.
    • We also find out that powers do affect one's mental and physical health. For example, Helen has long since gone blind, and it's heavily implied that she can't move around too well, whereas Castella went insane, and killed thousands of people.
    • The Castella incident occurred when Daryl was a young girl... right when Helen started training Daryl in her powers. Now, imagine the scene from Daryl's mother's perspective - here was her blind and weak mother training her naive and gullible daughter in the exactly same power that drove Castella Brandsford mad and led her to murder thousands of people. No wonder she freaked out.