Awesome: Everybody Hates Chris

  • Chris completely losing it in front of his parents over a night of hell in which the babysitter took off on him, a baby got dropped off, and the babysitter's mother showed up looking for her. Normally this could be considered a Heroic BSOD, but considering Chris doesn't get punished for his outburst or for the events of the night, it is quite awesome.
    Rochelle: (To the babysitter)I am going to whoop your ass...
  • There was also the time Chris decided to take revenge against Caruso on the last day of Junior High School: he made the whole school smell like cat food, framed Caruso for it, and got the bully sent to summer school. Too bad Chris had to go to summer school with him, due to apparently failing Science.
  • Then there's Chris tricking Caruso and the other bullies into throwing batteries at him — right in front of Dr. Raymond, resulting in the bullies getting detention.
  • Julius calmly making local hood Malvo doesn't bother his son ever again.
    Malvo: "So I'm supposed to be afraid cause you brought your daddy out here?"
    Julius: "No, you supposed to be scared cause if you ever put your hands on my son again, you ain't going to jail (raises baseball bat), I'M going to jail."
  • After everything that Chris went through in "Everybody Hates Bomb Threats" involving a speech he had to memorize, what does he do when his teacher tells him he had to memorize it, not recite it? He recites it... all of it... to his teacher, despite his protests, to the tune of "We're Not Gonna Take It". That may not sound awesome, but what really sells it is Chris' determination.
  • Rochelle breaking out of her Stepford Smiler phase and standing up to her family, notably her mother, for walking over and criticizing her in "Everyone Hates Funerals", all completed with giving every single relative a "Reason You Suck" Speech.
    • Plus, Chris defending Rochelle earlier when she gets criticized.