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Headscratchers: Everybody Hates Chris
  • So... Who was the creepy guy in the restaurant during the finale? And why was Chris glaring at him?
    • It was a parody of The Sopranos final scene which had similar creepy people. He had no real significance, although I've heard people say they think he's supposed to be the person who eventually become Chris Rock's agent.
  • How in the blue goddamn hell did Ms. Morello NOT get fired/sued? Seriously, if she today said even a TENTH of the things she said on the show, she'd be out the front door with a size 12 shoeprint on her ass! (I know, recite the Mantra but still!)
    • Having attended school in The Eighties I can tell you that political correctness had not come about yet. Teachers could getaway with a lot of comments, actions and asides that today would make national news. and this was in Southern California! I had a black 4th grade teacher who used to force us to listen to Lionel Ritchie while taking tests and tell us the only thing that was really required of us in life was to "stay white and die".
    • That sounds like the coolest teacher ever!
  • How is Rochelle's brand of parenting not considered child abuse? One of the earlier episodes when she is beating Drew and his pained screams can clearly be heard is especially jarring. She will beat Chris and her other children for wrongdoings even though they've clearly learned their lessons and are clearly repentant at the end of the episode ("If you ask me, 'next time' is 'this time'"), threatens Chris with a ROLLING PIN...and how was she NOT arrested for literally shoving a shoe up Chris' ass? She had brought him to the hospital for it and nobody seemed to give a damn. Surely she would be arrested for that, amongst other things? This is not funny, even in a "life sucks" comedy. I don't see how we're supposed to laugh at a mother who is clearly physically abusive towards her children. This takes place in the 80s, not the 50s (and even THEY had standards!).
    • This might be a cultural difference. Although my parents were milder, they were just as violent as Rochelle and this kind of treatment of children was extremely common in my culture. I've had friends who experienced pretty much the same in their culture even though we live in the USA.
    • It's exaggerated for laughs. The probable reality is he would've got some ass whoopings from time to time and the rolling pin was a threat that wasn't actually followed through with.
      • In one episode, Drew tells Tonya there's no Santa Claus and Rochelle proceeds to beat him. Chris reveals to the audience that when his mother would actually hit them, she would say she wanted to talk to them, and the rest of her threats carried no actual weight.
  • How come Chris never fights back against Caruso each time Caruso punches him in the face. The worst thing is that he gets away with it!.
    • Chris has actually shown (lampshaded and discussed) that if he does he either gets his ass kicked or he gets framed for attacking Caruso. Why do you think he's so resigned to it?
    • Also, Caruso is physically stronger.

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