Awesome / DragonFable

  • Ash finally gets to be awesome at the end of ArchKnight. It was worth the trouble.
    • It's also possible to get one yourself through a massive bug currently present towards the end of one quest chain which causes the boss to have the same HP and damage as the ensuing Titan Dragon fight. Several classes can actually kill it, most notably the Doomknight class, whose Carve (HP steal) skill drains about 15% of the target's HP per swing and can regenerate completely from up to one hit per turn.
  • This troper once hit 128... on a weapon that tops out at 40 damage (it was a crit on an element that tore that enemy to shreds, but still).
    • Ever got a 130+ damage hit on a weapon with 23-27 damage? Granted, this troper was using the Power Attack skill which boosts damage by 75%, and it was a critical hit... but still awesome nonetheless.
      • If you choose a weapon with the right element for a certain enemy, use a powerful attack and manage to get lucky with can get over 2000 damage...while normal weapons with normal attacks would do 80 at that level.
  • On May 18th 2011, DragonFable players were killing waves so fast THEY BROKE THE COUNTER.
  • While questing to learn about Element Bacon, our character beats Death. Twice.
  • Warlic gets several moments in a row at the end of Nythera's betrayal quest chain. Nythera, having managed to steal Warlic's power and kill him, tries to fight the elemental avatars after challenging them. She loses, is forced to admit that she is flawed, and resurrects Warlic. Warlic, once resurrected, forgives her, and then reveals that his death along with everything that followed was part of his plan to make her realise this without a full scale battle that would destroy reality. And then he protects her from the elemental avatars, and forces them to retreat.
    Warlic: You Shall Not Pass!
  • The Fire Orb saga. All of it.
    • The entire rematch fight against Akriloth. I mean, come on. You can't say it's not awesome when it's one of the few bosses that let you invite other players to fight against a gigantic dragon. Not to mention you have a badass new sword for the occasion...
      • And if you fight alone, you're up against a titanic fiery draconic monster, which has up until now been an invincible juggernaut. You can still win singlehandedly, without too much difficulty. Not to mention the guitar riff the whole thing is set to...
  • During the Earth Orb saga, you must fight the Guardian Dragon on foot. You win.
  • The ending of Book 1 has a quest chain that is chock-full of moments.
    • Grams taking down Sepulchure's castle with bugs she trained during her time there. Remember, it's a castle on the back of an enormous, flying undead dracolich made out of bones that has never been beaten until now. She really was the best beast tamer in all of Lore.
    • Drakath impaling Sepulchure with his own Blade of Doom. He then tops himself by using the Ultimate Orb to fuse with Fluffy to become the dragon seen in other Artix games.
    • Sepulchure's reaction afterwards. His response to being betrayed is to pull the blade out of his chest and proceed to fight against Drakath unrelentingly. The wound doesn't even slow him down. When you ally with him against Dragon Drakath, it turns out his attacks were powerful enough to do reasonable damage, even on foot.
    • The Hero's initial fighting against Dragon Drakath. Even though it's a Hopeless Boss Fight, the work that went into the cutscenes is palpable. The music that went with it doesn't hurt either.
      • The following quest is a Titan battle against the same enemy, only this time it's winnable. What makes this different from other titan battles though is that you get to team up with Sepulchure.
    • The battle against the Super Mega Ultra Darkness Dracolich. It easily dwarfs you even with your dragon in grown form, and you still win. The combination of Pre-Asskicking One-Liner and Prophecy Twist also helps.
    Dragon: We were meant for this.
    Player: To save the world?
    Dragon: To destroy a planet.
  • After losing two Friday the 13th wars in a row, and losing Serenity as a result, the next Friday the 13th War, the players clear through it so fast that the boss wasn't finished yet.