Awesome / Chaos Theory

  • Archer vs. Rider vs. Saber (Chapters 3-5).
  • Saber reading Shinji the riot act in chapter 9. And incidentally keeping Sakura from killing him.
    • Cut to next scene, and he's stumbling away with a bloody nose and broken ribs.
  • In Chapter 4, Shirou gives Shinji a scathing lecture, and threatens to beat him unconscious if he doesn't shut up. When the idiot tries to talk back, Shirou calmly asserts that he was serious. Shinji shuts right up.
    • Even better is that Shirou doesn't know what to do with Shinji (due to their history), but there's no way he's letting him off scot-free for his crimes. If there's anything in this story that makes pre-Archer Shirou a budding badass and "Hero of Justice", this speech is it.
  • Chapter 14: EXCALIBUR. That is all.
  • From Chapter 9-11: the Enemy Mine between Archer, Lancer and True Assassin against Caster Alter and the fight that follows.
    • Most particularly, Lancer manages to unleash a successful Gae Bolg towards the end of the conflict. Sadly, it fails to kill her, and he is subsequently consumed by the Grail.
    • Say what you will about True Assassin, but he definitely had his moment in that fight.
    Assassin: "You Missed."
  • Chapter 14: Despite believing that he might be killed in the process, Archer manages to blindside Caster Alter with Gram (the sword of Sigurd), leaving her to flee licking her wounds afterwards and preventing her from corrupting him with the Shadow.
    • More than that though, the Shadow actually DID try to corrupt him, as a glob of it and Caster Alter did a sneak attack on him, but Archer simply pulled a holy sword and slashed it off. Something that recently managed to corrupt Lancer/Cu Cuchulain and later on, Beserker/Herakles, failed to corrupt him. Which is actually canon. As Archer mention in Heaven's Feel that since he is not a "normal" heroic spirit, the Shadow can't corrupt him.
  • Chapter 16: Saber and Berserker (and later, Archer) versus Gilgamesh. It is utterly glorious.
    • Especially when Archer manage to deflect frickin' Ea with Rho Aias, granted it pierce through like it was tissue paper, but it was strong enough to reduce Ea's blast (which is more powerful than Excalibur) into a relatively harmless wind gust!
    • Before that, the same chapter depicts Ilya's Shut Up, Hannibal! to Gilgamesh. She's really come a long way since the story's start, hasn't she?
  • Chapter 22:
    • Shirou going after Caster like something possessed in response to her hurting Ilya, it's awesome enough to get Archers's approval
    • A partially corrupted Saber slaughtering Berserker Alter, while No Selling everything Caster can throw at her and then finishing him off with an EXCALIBUR blast to the face.
  • In general, Lancer Alter for being such a massive Wild Card. Besides resisting Caster's attempts at torture, he eventually catches Assassin off-guard and kills him with a Gae Bolg, backstabbing him at an opportune moment (to the Affably Evil Servant's shock).
  • Gilgamesh bringing judgment upon the remaining Servants by creating a meteor shower of noble phantasms over the whole mountain and the nearby area, creating house-sized craters, breaking through the mountain's spirit-repelling barrier and Lancer's Protection from Arrows skill
  • Shirou and Archer working in perfect sync to take down Lancer Alter.
  • Rin and Shirou's answer to Wand!Caster firing twenty grail-powered lasers at them? Use Rio Aias to ride the blast through a wall and right into the room Sakura, Kirei, and Illya are in. This is so awesome that they actually manage to shock Sakura, breaking her calm for the first time since her transformation.
    • Rin's response to the whole thing is the cherry on top.
    Rin: Hey everyone. I just got sent skidding down a rough stone hallway riding the shockwave of an explosion. I'm upset."
  • Dark Saber bringing down a chunk of the mountain with Excaliber. Kid Gil starts to realize why his future self likes her.
  • Rin, crippled and paralyzed in her fight with Kotomine and with three black keys buried in her back, uses her last jewel to shoot a lance of fire through herself, killing Kirei instantly.
  • Ilya is able to purify Saber Alter through a combination of the Dress of Heaven and a You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech to bring Saber back from the Despair Event Horizon.
    • And in the very next scene, a newly-reborn Saber crash-lands in the middle of Rider's fight with Assassin and Caster's dragon — in her pure-white Saber Lily getup, no less — and immediately begins kicking ass and taking names.