Funny: Chaos Theory

  • In Chapter 1, after Shirou defies canon by making nice with Ilya, this gem pops up:
    And though neither of them knew it at the time, they had just ensured that the plans of basically every single person in the conflict to come were going to go completely wrong. Except Rin. Her plans went wrong just fine without any outside help.
  • In Chapter 5, Berserker has made short work of Rider and is prepared to do the same to Rin. Shirou won't have this and leaps in front, fully expecting to get skewered. And then Berserker... stops his descending sword, picks up Shirou "with the air of a gorilla lifting a kitten", and gently deposits him to the side. Everyone falls silent in shock (yes, even Shinji)... Then Berserker resumes his assigned task.
  • In Chapter 6, we get to the customary "Shirou asks Saber to train him scene", where he promises to be her best pupil ever:
    Shirou (smiling widely): "Bring it on, sensei. I can take whatever you can dish out!"
    -Four Hours Later-
    Shirou is bruised, sweating and gasping for breath.
    Saber: "Would you liked to continue?"
    Shirou: "... maybe... we... should... stop... for... lunch."
    Saber: "That would be acceptable, yes."
  • Chapter 7, after Shirou arrives home 5 hours late to face Saber and Taiga:
    Shirou stood before the Judges of Hell, and knew that he was amongst the damned.
  • Watching Shinji getting battered in various ways through Chapters 3-5.
  • Every single time someone (usually a Servant) applies the Fastball Special. It never gets old. Never.
    • Especially when Archer does it to Rin a second time:
    "I can run! Just set me down and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Rin said, as Archer threw her. He was much stronger than a normal person, and he didn't need much more than a fairly low-key motion of his muscles to manage it. In his defense, though, he didn't throw her into a bush again.
    It was a pond.
  • Archer's Ladies and Germs moment in Chapter 3:
    Good-bye, Ladies and Gentlemen. Well... ladies, gentleman, and Shinji.
  • Chapter 18: Lancer's torture scene.
  • Chapter 19, Saber makes a persuading explanation attempt to Shirou while leaving out important facts of Ilyasviel to not get a question about it. And when she finishes a paragraph...
    There! Informative, and yet leaving out anything that might give away the Lady Einzbern. Saber felt she was doing rather well at this subterfuge thing, and she didn't even have sunglasses.
  • Chapter 23 is a much-needed Breather Episode after the last series of events, which of course means plenty of humour. Bright spots include Archer's world-weary snark, Ilya's condescending to Rin about being from a "backwater" country (with the "peasant" Rin rising to the bait, and most of all? Shirou's Freak Out! when he realises that he's been taking Ilya on dates, which only gets worse when he tries (and fails) to explain what was happening to Rin and Saber. Ilya then voices her mistaken belief that he knew they were dates but didn't know she was 19, oblivious to how that's making things worse.