Awesome / Are You Afraid of the Dark?

  • The ending of "Jake and the Leprechaun."
  • The "Zombie Dice" ending. Jay Baruchel, whose character is a total wuss, saves himself, his friend and his brother by tricking the villain by competing in a G-rated Drinking Game.
  • The Midnight Society's Power Walk through the fog during "The Tale of the Silver Sight" with Gary front and center, as the Theme Song plays.
    • In the climax when the Silver Sight demon tries to get Gary to use the device to kill the general we get this...
    Gary: (looking intensely at the general) I know who the real enemy is...
    Demon: Yes...
    Gary: The real enemy (snaps towards the demon) Is You!!
    Demon: What ?
    (The silver sight device is activated, it's imprisoned souls are set free and the demon is being overwhelmed)
    The Demon: (suffering a Villainous Breakdown) No! You can not do that!!!
  • The climax of Tale of the Night Shift, when Felix and Colin destroy the vampire by throwing it's coffin into an incinerator.
  • When Clorice comes face-to-face with the monster in "Dead Man's Float", she is frozen with fear and cannot summon the will to get out of the pool. Zeke then jumps into the pool and acts as a distraction, almost getting himself killed in the process.
    • Doubly awesome since before that, we learned that Zeke had a fear of water after nearly drowning as a child.
    • Clorice killing the monster was pretty cool as well. "Yo, Red! Catch!"
  • Hooper looking the Ghastly Grinner right in the face and, when his powers don't work on her, actually has the balls (even though she does look scared) to say "Sorry, I don't have much of a sense of humor."