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Awesome: Are You Afraid of the Dark?
  • The ending of "Jake and the Leprechaun."
  • The "Zombie Dice" ending. Jay Baruchel, whose character is a total wuss, saves himself, his friend and his brother by tricking the villain by competing in a G-rated Drinking Game.
  • The Midnight Society's Power Walk through the fog during "The Tale of the Silver Sight" with Gary front and center, as the Theme Song plays.
    • In the climax when the Silver Sight demon tries to get Gary to use the device to kill the general we get this...
    Gary: (looking intensely at the general) I know who the real enemy is...
    Demon: Yes...
    Gary: The real enemy (snaps towards the demon) Is You!!
    Demon: What ?
    (The silver sight device is activated, it's imprisoned souls are set free and the demon is being overwhelmed)
    The Demon: (suffering a Villainous Breakdown) No! You can not do that!!!
  • The climax of Tale of the Night Shift, when Felix and Colin destroy the vampire by throwing it's coffin into an incinerator.
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