Tear Jerker / Are You Afraid of the Dark?

  • A few times, but most notably the ending of "The Tale of the Dream Girl" when Johnny, having realized that he is dead and that the titular "dream girl" is his also-dead girlfriend, says goodbye to his sister and walks off in the afterlife with the girl of his dreams. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • "The Tale of the Hungry Hounds"note  is a kicker if you're an animal lover, particularly of dogs and/or foxes.
  • The end of "The Tale of the Lonely Ghost" will choke you up. The protagonist realizes that the ghost girl just wants to see her mother again, the revelation that the old woman the protagonist met earlier is the girl's mother, and the shot of the two happily playing in the girl's pink room — just before the protagonist's friend screams to be let out of the mirror.
    • It was depressing before that. The old woman, Nanny, was living with the protagonist's aunt and her daughter because she had nowhere else to go. The aunt's daughter, a Jerkass Alpha Bitch, frequently called Nanny a crazy old woman and frequently verbally abused her. Just seeing that tired, defeated look in Nanny's eyes as she's treated like garbage, you just want to give her a hug and break a lamp over the cousin's smug face.
    • "My baby! My poor baby. I didn't know you were here... All this time..."
  • "The Tale of the Full Moon" features a young boy who suspects his neighbor (who happens to be dating his mom) is a werewolf. However, he soon learns that it's actually the neighbor's brother who is the werewolf and the tearjerker moment comes in when said werewolf is shown to be genuinely frightened and confused with the neighbor comforting him.
    • There's also a scene where the protagonist's mother stares sadly at a picture of the boy's father. It's implied that he died.
  • The ending of "The Tale of the Jagged Sign", where Joshua and Marjorie end up together. The sign is finally finished, and the doves on the model become real. Also doubles as Heartwarming.
  • The plight of the old man in "The Tale of Station 109.1." He somehow wound up trapped on Earth after dying, so he keeps asking those he encounters, "Can you help me get home?"
  • "The Tale Of The Shiny Red Bicycle". The protagonist, Mike and his best friend, Ricky, are preteen boys riding their bikes along a bridge. Things are fine until Ricky begins to fall off the bridge only for Mike to try and fail at saving him from going over and he helplessly watches him drown before his eyes. As he screams his friend's name, he now wakes up from the nightmare as a teenager, still being haunted by that day all these years later. Even though the ending reveals that it was an accident; the bike's bent wheels caused the boy to drown and not Mike's inability to save him, Ricky's ghost acknowledges this and tells him he misses him, too and both the boy's remains and the bike itself are discovered, it's still a very sad fate, especially for anyone who may have went through a similar thing in their childhood.