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Agony Of The Feet: Live-Action TV
  • In the first season finale of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., a long fight between May and Ward through a construction area is abruptly ended when she nailguns his foot to the floor. Through his shoe. Several times.
  • In an episode of The A-Team, Murdock once accidentally drops a garage door on B.A.'s foot. And then Murdock hurts again the same foot toward the end, to B.A.'s wrath.
  • Variation occurred on The Brady Bunch with Marcia's "Oh, my nose!" moment that replayed over and over in Flash Back.
  • Horribly averted on Criminal Minds. When Reid is kidnapped by a serial killer in Season 2, the man tries to force a confession out of him by beating him on the soles of his feet. There's nothing funny about it.
    • That's a pretty common torture technique in real life — the soles of the feet are one of the most sensitive parts of a person's body.
  • Doctor Who
    • The new series has the Doctor kick his precious TARDIS. He promptly sits down in the command chair to massage his foot.
    • Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor seems especially prone to this trope.
  • Friends
    • Ross once kicked a lamppost in a sarcastic gesture. Apparently he got more pain than he was planning on.
    • In "The One with Monica's Boots", Monica bought a very fashionable and expensive pair of boots that turned out to be extremely painful to wear.
    • Monica's foot is stung by a jellyfish in "The One with the Jellyfish".
    • Chandler got the top of his toe cut off accidentally (to the sound of Psycho Strings!). When he arrives at the hospital... a carrot top was brought instead.
    • Monica was kicked in the ankle by a kid which contributed to a Running Gag where she and Chandler were being inundated with "signs" they should get married. Her ankle was so painful, Chandler started to carry her bridal-style over the threshold of the front door before they suddenly both realised what the implication was and panicked.
  • In the Haven episode "The Trouble With Troubles", this happens to Audrey when she loses her shoes and tries to walk down the road, which is full of gravel.
  • In the iCarly episode "iDo", a old grandma stomps on Carly's foot.
  • In The IT Crowd, Jen forces on shoes that are several sizes too small for her, despite a shoe store employee's warnings that this would cripple her. To compound this issue, a Japanese businessman accidentally jumps on her foot, causing her to clutch her foot and hop, and many swearing gags.
  • Nastier version in Mad Men: Cosgrove rides a lawnmover into the office to celebrate bringing in an account with John Deere. Later on, it gets brought out, with the blade spinning, during the party celebrating Joan's last day and ridden by a secretary who didn't know how to drive it until she runs over someone's foot. It rips apart a good part of the front of his foot, splatters blood everywhere, he couldn't feel anything while Joan made a tourniquet, and he ends up losing the whole foot (and he could have died).
  • In the M*A*S*H episode, "Fallen Idol," Father Mulcahy is outraged at Hawkeye for demeaning Radar the way he did, and is persuaded to resort to violence to let his anger out, so he kicks the iron stove in the Swamp; he found the act unsatisfying, and believes he broke his toe.
    • Another episode had BJ get an ingrown toenail - then got the same foot run over by a cart in Post-Op.
    • In the episode where Margaret disappeared, Frank was cleaning his gun and accidentally shot BJ in the foot.
    • A few episodes have dealt with a soldier who shot himself in the foot to get out of a battle.
  • In the The Middle episode "Halloween III: The Driving", Sue accidently runs over Axl's foot, spraining it.
  • In the Modern Family episode "Disneyland", Gloria stubbornly refuses to admit she's in pain walking around the park all day in high heels.
  • On My Name Is Earl, Earl is making up for stealing a car and a prosthesis from Didi. Because he stole her prosthesis (and she apparently could not get a new one for some reason), she makes Earl hop on one leg all day, just as she has had to do every day since they hooked up (which had to be at least 5 years.) Earl is quite sore after this, but at least Didi allows him to cross her off the list.
  • When the MythBusters build team tested "fire walking", they wanted a second test made by someone who didn't know the technique. Cue Adam charging across hot coals, followed by Adam being wheeled inside for first aid while on the phone with his wife, explaining why he's hurt.
  • In the NCIS episode "Boxed In", Tony and Ziva are imprisoned in a container by terrorists. When they try to convince the NCIS agents to surrender, one gets too close, thinking he's protected by the only slightly ajar metal door. But Ziva can see the tip of his shoe, and as the terrorist asks "Your answer?", Ziva whispers "Here it is..." and shots him in the foot.
  • In Princess Returning Pearl, when Qian Long punishes Xiao Yan Zi by making her write lines, she gets so frustrated when Zi Wei keeps tearing up her messily written pages that she kicks the table. Later when she goes to hand in her lines, he asks her why she's limping and she starts to complain that writing lines make every part of her body hurts, and the worst hurt is her toes, much to his confusion because how can writing hurt your toes?
    • The heartwarming and funny moment which involves a lovers' quarrel between Xiao Yan Zi and Yong Qi which eventually was resolved with the help of an axe being dropped on both their feet. Not at the same time, of course.
  • In an episode of Sledge Hammer, the title detective drops a bowling ball on his partner's foot, causing her to clutch it and hop around.
  • In the Disney channel series Sonny With A Chance, on episode 10 the little girl Dakota, angry with Sonny, stomps her foot.
  • In the Sports Night episode "Intellectual Property", a scene opens with Casey walking to his office with a limp. We learn that he kicked a fire hydrant on the way back from lunch when Dan told him Dana was going on vacation to Vermont with Gordon. Casey spends the whole scene whining about his broken ankle (it's only bruised, if that).
  • In an episode of Titus, Amy kicks the title character in the groin, then drops to the ground clutching her foot in pain, at which point Titus knocks on his groin, indicating he's wearing a cup, and says, "Rookie!"
  • A strange variation in a Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories episode where a doctor removes the toes from women who don't want them anymore in gory detail yet they show no discomfort with the process. We do see a man with no toes walking painfully, yet this isn't played for laughs.

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