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Affably Evil: Web Animation
  • Toho Kingdom Toons:
    • Godzilla himself is a city destroying monster, yet he is noticeably erudite and well-cultured.
    Godzilla: Why must we engage in such senseless violence towards one another? Especially considering the glaring fact that both of us face a common foe?
    • Anguirus as well.
    • Even Spacegodzilla falls under this. Despite being the one of Godzilla's most evil foes, he, somehow, is able to host his own political talk show.
  • Medoner, of The Nekci Menij Show, is this - despite being totally self-obsessed and willing to publicly insult every friend she has in song, she is still seen as the height of pop culture.
  • In Ultra Fast Pony, Applejack is a mobster with absolutely no qualms about getting her hooves dirty, yet she's cheerful and friendly to anyone she isn't threatening at the moment.
  • In Diamond In The Rough, both the final villains Yukari and Tenshi are educated, while the first hands presents to the gappies, the seconds clearly enjoys talking with them.

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