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Making a god of transsexualism - offensive? 715th Jan 2012 02:14:37 PM
How do you react to this beginning?1515th Jan 2012 08:28:11 AM
Why people write stories in the first place3815th Jan 2012 02:28:37 AM
Wah Wah Wah: A short viginette I wrote614th Jan 2012 09:32:52 PM
Flash Project: Probably Too Ambitious1914th Jan 2012 01:03:10 PM
A novel series with multiple viewpoint characters? 2714th Jan 2012 12:19:32 PM
Some help with a Mons idea2114th Jan 2012 08:25:16 AM
Tips on web comic script formatting 1214th Jan 2012 12:09:47 AM
How do orphans receive last names.412th Jan 2012 07:07:55 PM
My Current Writing Project112th Jan 2012 05:33:25 PM
Let's make a magical girl!78212th Jan 2012 09:21:27 AM
Realistic anxieties, or pretentious and trivial?1612th Jan 2012 08:34:31 AM
Societal reaction to robot-based immortality.1712th Jan 2012 04:54:34 AM
Having trouble with torture.1212th Jan 2012 04:42:41 AM
Grade a Motive Rant!111th Jan 2012 01:46:22 PM
Is the Genre Shift inevitable?1311th Jan 2012 10:19:06 AM
National Novel Writing Month: A Pep Talk2110th Jan 2012 09:40:50 PM
Vampires in your story4310th Jan 2012 01:37:08 PM
Desertification of North America (more specifically, the US)199th Jan 2012 10:36:20 PM
Conversation between an Army Medic and a Norse myth warrior89th Jan 2012 05:28:20 PM
Suspension of Disbelief-Superhero Costume69th Jan 2012 03:23:55 PM
Thematic Cast Building169th Jan 2012 01:39:07 PM
Trouble writing my MC....18th Jan 2012 10:38:05 PM
I finally cranked out the first chapter of my Tintin/K-On crossover38th Jan 2012 06:56:03 PM
Character introduction67th Jan 2012 08:42:20 PM
Pretty Cool Guy in your works477th Jan 2012 07:51:23 PM
How can I avoid Fetish Fuel?226th Jan 2012 02:57:10 PM
Disagreeing with a co-writer.76th Jan 2012 10:31:52 AM
Making a list of characters before starting on the plot315th Jan 2012 10:59:10 PM
Mind of Nietzche Wannabe or Nihilist265th Jan 2012 07:21:20 PM
A TV Tropes Carol (By Build Your Own Boat)395th Jan 2012 12:59:11 PM
Ways To Kickstart WWIII94th Jan 2012 08:54:28 PM
Dreams and Daydreams - would this get too complicated?854th Jan 2012 08:50:12 PM
I need some cheesy, funny, action movie one-liners354th Jan 2012 03:45:20 PM
Writing characters way older than you.164th Jan 2012 01:04:07 PM
How to make this not seem like an Ass Pull64th Jan 2012 12:22:42 PM
Gladiator games in a religious country34th Jan 2012 11:22:10 AM
I'd like a little help with this scene...94th Jan 2012 06:54:59 AM
Hallowen, Homecoming, Highschool193rd Jan 2012 08:25:43 PM
Being assigned roles in a Five Man Band: A story idea153rd Jan 2012 07:52:08 PM
If you had a fandom....2273rd Jan 2012 04:48:09 PM
Finished my very first fanfic23rd Jan 2012 10:18:50 AM
Originality is overrated. 463rd Jan 2012 08:00:42 AM
Fantastic police; "Put the raygun down and step away from the giant!"473rd Jan 2012 07:58:03 AM
How does filming a Sitcom work??103rd Jan 2012 12:08:13 AM
Time transitions.42nd Jan 2012 10:40:21 PM
An Arctic Adventure -1172nd Jan 2012 10:01:35 AM
Let's Write an Alternate History Story! 1082nd Jan 2012 09:21:39 AM
How Disturbing Is This? 552nd Jan 2012 07:26:56 AM
Eon: Crimson Sar91st Jan 2012 06:05:00 PM
The Real Writer's Block Thread. (Not the Fora).251st Jan 2012 05:54:54 PM
Why Would An Assassin Attend High School?241st Jan 2012 05:03:10 PM
Survey: What is your genre?8831st Dec 2011 11:55:40 PM
Just For Fun: PDown's fan outlines for Portal 3 and Half-Life 3231st Dec 2011 11:20:14 PM
Need help with character names from someone who speaks Mandarin431st Dec 2011 10:42:38 PM
The Writer's Block New Year's Resolutions Thread2231st Dec 2011 07:58:14 PM
Does this sound like a reasonable backstory for a villain?131st Dec 2011 05:03:02 PM
I regret what I have done, and wish for a resolution....131st Dec 2011 11:02:08 AM
Where Are You in Writing Right Now?4831st Dec 2011 09:50:33 AM
Looking for a webcomic artists (is this the right place to put this)330th Dec 2011 05:21:32 PM
Fanfiction Ideas3330th Dec 2011 02:48:55 PM
Wind and Steel - dRoy's side project330th Dec 2011 12:14:26 PM
Sylvia's Diary3330th Dec 2011 08:42:07 AM
Is Magnificent Bastard compatible with Trickster?729th Dec 2011 06:37:05 PM
The Fantasy Language Problem2729th Dec 2011 03:34:24 PM
Series Thirty and Three-Quarters (Doctor Who/Evangelion Crossover)428th Dec 2011 11:52:16 PM
Worried about weather or not this is a villain sue.828th Dec 2011 08:26:52 PM
OC Help - Job Occupation. (And general fleshing out)428th Dec 2011 08:19:59 PM
A woman who can never feels love.628th Dec 2011 05:35:53 PM
Death as the default fate1828th Dec 2011 04:18:36 PM
Freaking sieges, how do they work2628th Dec 2011 02:28:20 PM
Supplementary Materials1628th Dec 2011 12:43:45 PM
What's a site with a good overview of how to storyboard animation?428th Dec 2011 11:26:13 AM
The Chaos: A project by MasterOfChaos328th Dec 2011 09:36:24 AM
Where do you post your story? 2228th Dec 2011 08:38:33 AM
Criticism, it never gets easier, does it?14828th Dec 2011 06:56:49 AM
Advice on Writing for a Corporation228th Dec 2011 04:09:19 AM
Looking for a chronic illness, eventually fatal, hastened by exertion.727th Dec 2011 05:56:35 PM
Does anyone know a website or software for storing character profiles?427th Dec 2011 01:40:06 PM
"What are your influences?" The Dreaded Question.4927th Dec 2011 01:11:00 PM
Badass citizens2127th Dec 2011 11:36:08 AM
Does This Sound Like A Good Use Of All Myths Are True?1427th Dec 2011 11:19:42 AM
What's the worst thing you've done to a world?5426th Dec 2011 09:58:03 PM
Stories in your stories3526th Dec 2011 02:21:27 PM
Power Narcotic 226th Dec 2011 03:00:11 AM
Let's (Finally) Get to Pinning a "About" Thread4725th Dec 2011 07:39:29 PM
Male vs. Female Protagonists9825th Dec 2011 07:07:20 PM
I'd like to make a live action fighting series parody524th Dec 2011 09:39:01 PM
Gifts For Writers2124th Dec 2011 12:20:51 PM
Looking for some writing essays424th Dec 2011 11:45:08 AM
Making main characters 'special'5723rd Dec 2011 11:24:22 PM
McCullough Chronicles123rd Dec 2011 09:01:32 PM
Need Help With Character Dynamics2823rd Dec 2011 05:44:01 PM
Things in your work that are clearly non-sensical and inaccurate12423rd Dec 2011 04:56:35 PM
My first post here, looking for general guidance1623rd Dec 2011 03:39:42 PM
Split Personality Switch Trigger623rd Dec 2011 02:41:13 PM
Ideas of fictional names for strenght enhancing drug, pls. ? 323rd Dec 2011 01:08:57 PM
Have I ruined vampirism?2823rd Dec 2011 11:55:54 AM
Big concepts vs Finer details2023rd Dec 2011 11:44:46 AM
I've got this idea...4023rd Dec 2011 08:11:44 AM

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