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Wild Mass Guessing
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new postFigaro from Pinocchio as an adult cat13Sat, 12th Mar '11 11:19:53 PM
new postThe Plot of books is a battle between the Narrator and Death.2Sat, 12th Mar '11 6:17:31 PM
new postFish Hooks...2Sat, 12th Mar '11 3:43:08 PM
new postThe mods all have Keyblades4Fri, 11th Mar '11 9:20:20 PM
new postJustin Bieber is...10Fri, 11th Mar '11 4:22:04 PM
new postCommunist Kanda5Thu, 10th Mar '11 1:31:18 PM
new postChris Hansen is keeping his eye on us.6Thu, 3rd Mar '11 6:37:11 PM
new postMicrosoft is actively trying to destroy Rare.2Tue, 1st Mar '11 9:14:42 PM
new postThe True Moon Landing Conspiracy6Tue, 1st Mar '11 5:51:05 PM
new postPresident Madagascar10Sun, 27th Feb '11 5:23:28 PM
new postIJBM, OTC, IJAM, and YF are playing Sburb.5Sat, 26th Feb '11 8:30:09 AM
new postCelebrities are murdered. They don't die from drug overdosage.17Fri, 25th Feb '11 4:59:12 PM
new postI Am Not Making This Up Was a result of the mods being drunk. 4Fri, 25th Feb '11 8:16:26 AM
new postRugrats is misandrist17Fri, 25th Feb '11 8:07:18 AM
new postThe Ducks Are Upon Us.30Thu, 24th Feb '11 10:05:42 AM
new postHumans in Battlestar Galactica have super-long lifespans5Thu, 24th Feb '11 9:31:47 AM
new postThe Assassin Brotherhood and Knight's Templar2Thu, 24th Feb '11 8:15:54 AM
new postCoraline is the one who threw the rock at the end of the movie.3Mon, 21st Feb '11 7:04:08 PM
new postThe Voynich Manuscript3Mon, 21st Feb '11 3:57:27 PM
new postHeterosexuals work under the Pareto Principle.53Sun, 20th Feb '11 8:36:34 PM
new postThe Beach Boys are Pac-Man4Sat, 19th Feb '11 12:49:48 PM
new postI am Hunter S Thompson 1Thu, 17th Feb '11 1:45:55 PM
new postHarry Potter Universe is a metaphor for north korea15Thu, 17th Feb '11 1:23:35 AM
new postAll Tropers Are Evaluated Three Months After Getting Known.10Tue, 15th Feb '11 6:00:05 PM
new postGears of War is an Unreal Tournament side story5Mon, 14th Feb '11 5:41:06 PM
new postCLAMP Characters Entered Their Holes.1Sat, 12th Feb '11 7:48:21 AM
new postKaiji and Liar Game are run by the same company2Fri, 4th Feb '11 7:37:45 AM
new postSlaanesh and Tzeentch created My Immortal.11Thu, 3rd Feb '11 7:46:13 AM
new postThey're All Reliving It.1Wed, 26th Jan '11 1:17:58 PM
new postKomodin is Sonic 12Mon, 24th Jan '11 1:41:59 PM
new postAnime Connections1Sun, 23rd Jan '11 1:21:48 AM
new postPokemon are pint-sized Blood Knights.6Tue, 18th Jan '11 7:09:15 PM
new postthe truth about The Land Before Time sequels6Sat, 15th Jan '11 9:14:43 PM
new postTime travel paradoxes are resolved by...6Mon, 10th Jan '11 5:08:27 PM
new postThe Forest Temple becomes the resting place for the Master Sword.3Mon, 10th Jan '11 9:38:57 AM
new postWhen we exercise, our bodies make us temporarily masochists8Sat, 8th Jan '11 11:59:53 PM
new postRadation from the IJBM Nuke has Created Mutant Babies7Sat, 8th Jan '11 5:41:19 PM
new postWolverine actually has a Code2Sat, 8th Jan '11 3:58:57 AM
new postHumans got to where we are mostly because we're omnivores.11Fri, 7th Jan '11 2:40:41 PM
new postJack Noir just needs a friend.2Wed, 5th Jan '11 2:08:00 PM
new postImipolex Z is Bobby G5Mon, 3rd Jan '11 8:34:56 PM
new postWarren Ellis uses talk like Warren Ellis5Thu, 30th Dec '10 11:18:40 AM
new postTopic Convection Currents15Wed, 29th Dec '10 3:36:24 AM
new postThat girl I like is a troper! 20Sun, 26th Dec '10 10:07:51 AM
new postGo Nagai Universe2Tue, 21st Dec '10 4:32:04 PM
new postChris-Chan is Andrew Hussie's Bizarro Universe Counterpart9Fri, 17th Dec '10 11:28:43 AM
new postWe're all characters in Sonichu, but not the webcomics1Fri, 17th Dec '10 8:17:44 AM
new postThe Mighty Anonym is Made Of Meat's Spear Counterpart14Thu, 16th Dec '10 9:51:05 PM
new postUzumaki is caused by the spiral power of Gurren Lagann7Thu, 16th Dec '10 9:12:12 PM
new postHalo takes place in Holy Terra's antiquity; the Dark Age of Technology1Thu, 16th Dec '10 7:02:02 AM
new postThaut - Fan Theory Wiki2Thu, 16th Dec '10 5:51:48 AM
new postMy Reincarnation Theories11Sun, 12th Dec '10 12:01:45 PM
new postCommander Shepard is Adrian Shephard12Sat, 4th Dec '10 9:31:09 AM
new postGelzo is heir to Zudak's throne13Sat, 4th Dec '10 9:28:35 AM
new postThere Are Only 12 True Tropers60Sat, 4th Dec '10 2:49:21 AM
new postJack Chick: Creator of a Crapsack World?9Thu, 2nd Dec '10 3:46:35 PM
new postDividing by Zero21Thu, 2nd Dec '10 1:18:35 AM
new postDexter is Dexter4Tue, 30th Nov '10 6:35:35 PM
new postGeorge Washington Carver killed George Washington3Mon, 29th Nov '10 9:35:48 PM
new postCoraline is a deconstruction of wish fulfillment 3Fri, 26th Nov '10 12:27:43 PM
new postBuddy Pine/"Syndrome" was a hero.13Fri, 26th Nov '10 12:04:14 PM
new postBLAM is a sailor scout10Sat, 20th Nov '10 4:17:44 AM
new post27 has bearing on the universe5Fri, 19th Nov '10 10:21:27 AM
new postTVTropes is the Hobbs Land Gods1Tue, 16th Nov '10 5:50:54 AM
new postTenacious D will perform on Sesame Street2Mon, 15th Nov '10 12:00:05 PM
new postThe Magic School Bus9Sat, 13th Nov '10 5:18:54 PM
new postGhosts are the ultimate trolls4Fri, 12th Nov '10 11:44:14 PM
new postThe reason Ocarina of Time versions of Link no longer appear in Brawl,3Fri, 12th Nov '10 3:55:17 PM
new postKeybreak IS Santa Claus7Wed, 10th Nov '10 4:41:42 PM
new postGTA: The real story2Wed, 10th Nov '10 3:34:00 PM
new postHighschool Of The Dead takes place in the Left 4 Dead Universe6Tue, 9th Nov '10 2:06:44 PM
new postZUDAK DOESN'T EXIST8Tue, 9th Nov '10 6:45:59 AM
new postWee Jas is...2Wed, 3rd Nov '10 11:58:04 PM
new postTool is a Stealth Parody25Wed, 3rd Nov '10 4:18:14 PM
new postInspector Gadget is perpetually high6Wed, 3rd Nov '10 12:52:59 AM
new postI am a RealityWarper9Mon, 1st Nov '10 3:12:40 AM
new postPeople who are into BDSM all have an additional food fetish.7Sat, 30th Oct '10 1:35:04 PM
new postRawPower and Eliezer Yudkowsky are the same person.29Sat, 30th Oct '10 12:16:28 PM
new postLanguage5Fri, 29th Oct '10 12:29:11 AM
new postThe Galactic Empire is Walmart4Thu, 28th Oct '10 7:02:26 PM
new postBarrack Hussein Obama, Mm-mm-Mmm, is a Gary Stu! 23Thu, 28th Oct '10 12:31:06 PM
new postPeople Keep Stealing My Tinfoil Hats2Tue, 26th Oct '10 10:37:14 AM
new postBobby G is a Time Lord15Mon, 25th Oct '10 12:46:21 PM
new postThe Universe doesn't exist.21Mon, 25th Oct '10 9:22:39 AM
new postTV Tropes will eventually come up with a related dating site. 4Sun, 24th Oct '10 3:46:37 PM
new postThe ideal design for an symphony hall or opera house:2Wed, 20th Oct '10 5:02:05 AM
new postBasil Marceux is the time traveling future self of Chris-Chan6Mon, 18th Oct '10 1:13:48 PM
new postJoseph from Wuthering Heights was behind it all! 1Sat, 16th Oct '10 1:36:09 PM
new postOkay, MEGA Conspiracy Theorist... 3Sat, 16th Oct '10 8:18:26 AM
new posts-CRY-ed: Alters are derived from Forerunner technology1Fri, 15th Oct '10 2:56:50 PM
new postBoomerang is Hell2Fri, 15th Oct '10 11:02:27 AM
new postTwelve kilograms10Wed, 13th Oct '10 5:34:59 PM
new postWhat happened to the PC98 Characters?2Mon, 11th Oct '10 3:59:33 PM
new postThe wiki is watching you2Mon, 11th Oct '10 5:34:42 AM
new postObi-Wan Was a Powerful Sith and Chessmaster9Tue, 5th Oct '10 8:31:48 PM
new postAzumanga Daioh versus Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei2Mon, 4th Oct '10 10:54:03 AM
new postWalgreens is evil1Sun, 3rd Oct '10 2:44:59 AM
new postThe data vampires have evolved.21Sat, 2nd Oct '10 11:17:34 AM
new postThere are no sockpuppets.10Fri, 1st Oct '10 2:54:58 PM
new postWe are all characters in escapist fiction8Fri, 1st Oct '10 12:54:20 PM
4 pages in this list
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