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Yes. Yes it is. I think what gets me though is the implication that he knew River when she was younger and still ends up making out with her. Ah well. Certainly not the weirdest relationship on TV.
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Amy came on to the Dctor at the end of Flesh and Stone. Basically, River's boyfriend/fiance/hubby made out with her mother.
Alright you win. Any relationship with the Doctor is going to be made of awkward.
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So, have you seen the preview clips and trailers on the official site?
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Time travel. Is it inappropriate if you fall in love with someone and then meet them at a young age? Was it awkward for the Doctor in any way other than a "time is seriously screwed up right now" sense in "Father's Day" when he met baby Rose?

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Well, he hadn't made out with her yet...

I'm not sure.
If age differences and the like bother you, consider that Rory is about 2000 years older than Amy, depending on how you calculate these things. As T Paradox posted, time travel makes these things complicated.
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But, Rory isn't an Auton anymore. Auton Rory was 2000 years old. Normal Rory is just normal age.
But he remembers his time as The Last Centurion. Sometimes.
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Maybe he's still an Auton, leading up to The Reveal. Nah. Five days to Who!
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Rory remembers the 2000 years he waited for her. Amy was dead during that time.
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On the issue of the Tardis exploding, the answer for that is simple-what better way to prepare a human mother to have a (part) Timelord child then to expose her to a crack in time from her childhood?
I think the new 'Mels' character is probably an earlier regeneration of River Song. Way too obvious, really, just like River's true identity was.
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How could you tell?

I'm sorry, that was rude.

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The time is now,
I didn't guess River was Amy's daughter until it was made obvious near the start of the Goman goes to War episode. Mels just annoyed me until the regen - I got it before we saw the actual SFX (just).

However given everything that is going on with River, she needs a page all her own - so many Tropes! (Named after herself is just the latest!)
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To be fair, I posted that before the episode aired and before I read a press release that spoiled it, but the whole Mels thing was too obvious from the get-go.
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All I know is I have a friend who's name is "Lyric Rain" so this whole "Melody Pond"/"River Song" thing is making me really cautious around her.evil grin

Is anyone other than me getting just the tiniest bit tired of River Song showing up ALL the time? I like a good arc, but it's getting a little tiring.
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All the time? So far this series we've had four episodes with her and six without. Two of the ones with her were one story and may count as one episode.

Last series we had thirteen episodes, with her in only four episodes which were again double-length stories.

Before that, one solitary episode, two years previous.

This is the series we learn about her. It's going too fast (especially Let's Kill Hitler, which itself should have been a series arc), but that just means it'll be over quicker if you don't like her.

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We've seen Rory more than River. Remember where he was last season?
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T Paradox: Rory remembers the 2000 years he waited for her. Amy was dead during that time.

I thought the whole point was that the Pandorica keeps you from dying. (She wasn't identified as conscious during that time, but if "death" counts as "escaping" than I wouldn't be surprised if "unconsciousness" did too. That's taking a dip into fanwank waters, I'll admit.)
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She was juuuust on this side of death. If that. She could have been as far as completely dead but kept from postmortem effects. It needed Little Amy's living template to fully restore her.

(After The Girl Who Waited, I refer to the child as Little Amy, from her theme, and our Amy as Young Amy, to make room for Old Amy.)
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So has this thread served its purpose?
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Was Aliroz the Confused
I say no.
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I guess I disagree as well. grin

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