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05/22/2019 17:00:48 •••

Comment by Comartemis

I'm not exactly an Inu/Kag shipper, but I never thought the Sessh/Kag pairing was very realistic or even plausible until I read this fic. The summary may suggest otherwise, but this is not a cliché-ridden piece of drivel like most of the low-quality Sessh/Kag fics are; all the heroes are perfectly in-character, Inuyasha does not simply dump or cheat on Kagome but hurts her one time too many through his insensitivity, Sesshomaru does not fall in love with Kagome at first sight, and behind the solid wall of angst that Kagome presents at first, a happy ending lurks just out of sight for everyone who deserves one, even Inuyasha. Kikyo fans be warned, however: the undead miko is not treated kindly in this fic. Also, beware the lemon content: it's tastefully done, but it's still there.

05/22/2019 00:00:00

I noticed that this is marked as dead, does that mean if I read this I will be denied a conclusion? From what you’ve said, it sounds great. I just get nervous.

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