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03/20/2012 17:02:20 •••


A more accurate title for this film would have been 'Extremely Heterosexual Males' (well, not 'extremely'), every guy I know has seen in and there's a lot of hacking off of limbs, spurting blood and bizarre slow-motion scenes but it's lacking in plot. In the end the only bit of the movie I remembered was that Persian man falling into that oddly placed pit.

Heh-heh. Good times.

03/20/2012 00:00:00

The "odly placed pit" was actually a water well, IIRC.

The plot was there, but I think the weak area was the action sequences, which also ties in with the biggest plot hole: They make a big deal about the importance of fighting in the Phalynx, with this being the reason for them shunning Epheliates, who was unable to hold his sheild high enough to protect the man next to him. Then once the fighting starts, they fight in the Phalynx... for all of about 30 seconds, after which they spend the rest of the movie running around the battlefield all nimbly-pimbly. There was never a terribly good reason to shoo off Ephilates, but then, maybe that was the point.

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