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02/21/2012 02:40:28 •••

My Other Favorite

For a very long time, my favorite season of Digimon was Tamers. This is still the case, but it now has to share that spot with another: Digimon Savers. Basically, this show is pure entertainment.

  • Masaru/Marcus has gotten a lot of praise, but let me assure you, it is completely deserved. I say this without exaggeration: Marcus is the most Bad Ass character ever conceived. Takato and Takuya became Digimon to fight their opponent. Marcus doesn't need that shit. Marcus punches Eldritch Abominations in the face and turns it into a speech about the nature of courage. And you want to know the most amazing thing, the thing that elevates him above Kamina? He has internal conflict and depth. He's a character!
  • Then there's Touma/Thomas. His relationship with Marcus relationship is done perfectly. The two play off each other better than Tai and Matt did, not only acting as foils to each other in a way that compliments them both, but also each one helping to develop the other's characters.
  • Ikuto/Keenan is executed almost as well as, but is very different from, Beelzemon from Tamers (I say almost because Beelzemon is practically a poem unto himself), in terms of transitioning from bad to good, them being two of the few characters in all of fiction who make this change believable. Keenan is basically the face of the idea that failure to communicate is the root of many problems. Also, unlike Ken or Kouichi, Keenan is still an interesting and developing character after joining the team.

Yoshino, the Digimon, and many side characters are also great, but I'm running out of room and I'd like to touch on some other stuff.

The first half of the series is about the mystery of the human-Digimon conflict, and it is adequately engrossing without having to genre shift. As a matter of fact, if you don't care about that stuff, it's still a very good Monster Of The Week show. There's a nice fight at least once per episode, but it's not the episode. There's a plot and characters and that's what matters.

In the second half, things take a turn for the awesome. It's just . . . awesome. Things blowing up and fights in the sky and punching God and genocide! IT'S AWESOME!

Oh yeah and we get the best villain in the entire franchise.

02/20/2012 00:00:00

I may be a fan, but this review sounds like it was written by a ten year old. You talk much about how the characters have "conflict", "play off each other", and "have believable change" without actually specifying what any of this is or why, making it all seem like meaningless praise.

Furthermore, you describe the Sixth Ranger in detail, but not the third of the Power Trio? Zuh?

And to top it all off, you basically eschew any pretense of talking about the show's merits in favor of ZOMGAWESOME there at the end and give a non-conclusive final sentence.

Unless trolling was your intent, you have failed as a reviewer, and if it was, well then I caught on a bit too easy, doncha think?

02/21/2012 00:00:00

That's not a coincidence that I sound like a ten year old in this review. Savers makes me as excited as I was when I was a kid, without having to fuel me entirely on nostalgia. As for not going into "enough" detail, I'll concede that I probably should have said more about Thomas, but that's it. If somebody wanted to read the full story and all about the characters before watching it for themselves, they'd find a summary, not a review. It's not a review's job to convince people who didn't like the series that they were wrong, it's to entice somebody to watch it in the first place. If I was trying to do the former, I'd say something like, "I thought that Keenan being the underling of a good-hearted Digimon whose hatred of Digimon was pretty understandable coupled with the betrayal of Gotsumon, the insistence by Falcomon that not all humans are bad, and him being given proof of this in the form of Marcus's hospitality and Kristy's forgiveness makes for a believable character transformation." That would be spoilerific, though, and kind of meaningless to the uninitiated. So, instead, I just say, "Keenan is a cool character with believable growth." Honestly, I think people who complain about reviews not going into enough detail are largely a Misaimed Fandom.

Yes, because there's less to say about Yoshino. I think she's likable, but that's it.

Again, yes, because that's largely the show's merits in terms of plot for the last half: It's cool stuff happening at a fast pace.

Lol, I wish I was good enough at trolling to even make it even that doubtable.

02/21/2012 00:00:00

I'm not saying you have to tell us what happens. I'm saying you have to tell us how it works. In what way do Masaru and Touma play off each other? Are they friendly? Rivals? Awkward? What? How does Masaru exhibit his conflict? Etc.

Yoshino has an entire character arc based around her. She has a personality that lies outside the typical Digimon setup (which the other three largely exhibit), and she's the first named character to appear onscreen. I'd say she's kind of important.

And the final half (along with the show as a whole) contained quite a bit more than just "cool stuff happening at a fast pace", and it's probably a mistake to place that as the crux of the show because honestly, there's a lot more to it than that and (depending on the viewer) many other shows may have done it better anyway.

02/21/2012 00:00:00

I see what you're saying now. Gotcha. I guess I assumed the comparison to Taichi and Yamato would automatically make one assume it was a rivalry, but that's only the relationship between the two main characters about half the time in Digimon, so I see that I was wrong.

I kind-of sort-of not-really disagree, but I see where you're coming from. I fail to see how being the first named character to appear means anything, though (and the first named character to appear was Agumon, btw).

I agree with you, and don't have a defense.

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