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11/09/2011 11:24:26 •••

This game is pure mediocrity.

Hooboy... What is there to say about this game.

The good: It's not a bad game.

The bad: It's isn't a good game either, definitely not $60 good. I'd place its value in the $30 range.

Suffice to say Rage is just plain mediocre in every conceivable way. Graphically speaking, it is simply not impressive, absolutely nothing about it separates it from anything everybody else is doing.

Combat is pedestrian and repetitive, nothing really innovative. Weapons are mostly generic. AI is more artificial than intelligent. And health? It's the same recharging style we've seen ever since Halo came out. While you can carry your full arsenal with you, you'll find the sniper rifle and the shotgun or assault rifle is enough to beat nearly any level. The overall gameplay mechanics seems as if nobody could decide if it should be a Borderlands-like RPG-FPS or a straight FPS game, ultimately settling on something in between (skewing more towards the latter) and doing neither style particularly well.

Story is as weak and forgettable as it could get. Missions are repetitive. Non-outside maps are linear because it's almost all No Sidepaths No Exploration No Freedom where you can't even jump over some knee-high objects due to invisible walls. Real boss battles are rare, and don't appear where you would expect them to, this includes the very final level. Yes, this game ends not with a adrenaline-filled boss fight, but a feeble mook rush that the player can easily dispatch of with no problem what-so-ever. And the ending... Okay, that straight up sucked. As FMV that lasts less than a minute that resolves nothing. You never meet the supposed Big Bad leading the enemies. Or anyone in charge of even some them. The main antagonists of the story have zero characterization at all. Aside from that, the four bosses the game does offer are wimps, and offer no real challenge at all.

The races are not interesting, upgrade the engine and tires and you're virtually unbeatable at racing. Rally (a.k.a. haphazardly placed checkpoint) races tend to be more frustrating than fun. The entire game world feels much smaller than one, maybe two, average Borderlands maps, consists almost entirely of canyons, and happily falls into the trap of Real Is Brown for the first half and Real is Grey for the second.

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