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06/29/2020 13:18:35 •••

BMO (Spoiler-free)

When I heard that Adventure Time was having four specials on HBO Max, I assumed it would be a sort of epilogue for some of the characters. Which is why it confused me to learn that one of them would be focusing on BMO, a character who more or less had a decent ending. I also assumed that maybe we'd find out how they became the King of Ooo. But sadly, if you're looking for something to bridge the gap between the finale and the distant future we see, this isn't it. However, fans of the character BMO won't be disappointed.

All in all, it's a very charming special with a relatively simplistic plot that actually gives us some interesting tidbits about the lore of the universe(they are a bit too subtle with them, though), though it does raise some minor questions. Oh, and there is an (although not drastic) Animation Bump.

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