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11/19/2019 10:42:09 •••

Pahkitew Island is a mediocre mess

Total Drama has had it's fair share of good and bad seasons. If I had to rank them:

  1. : World Tour
  2. : Island
  3. : Revenge of the Island
  4. : Pahkitew Island
  5. : Action
  6. : [REDACTED] (All Stars)

Pahkitew Island is... just there. It's not terrible, but not good either.

Getting positives out of the way:

  • I actually liked the relationship between Shawn and Jasmine. I don't really care about relationships in cartoons, so I'm just surprised that I liked them being together.
    • Hell, I just like Shawn and Jasmine as characters. To be fair, I only like Shawn because he's a Shawn Of The Dead reference, and if he wasn't he'd probably be really bland. I also kinda liked Sky, but the way she treated Dave after Episode 9's pre-challenge was harsh.
  • Some of the jokes were... kinda funny? I liked the shots at Honey Boo Boo, but not the character who basically was Honey Boo Boo. We'll get to talking about Sugar later, though.
  • Scarlett Fever was kinda good, despite me thinking that Scarlett suddenly going from not wanting to be a sidekick to wanting to kill everyone on the island was kinda forced and out of nowhere.

And now the negatives... well, apart from some of the jokes not landing, unless you're one of the final 6 or Samey, if you're in this season you're probably gonna be a really bad character.

  • Sugar is the worst villain in the whole series. She's worse than Scott and Justin. And Mal, I guess. For those who haven't seen Pahkitew Island yet, Sugar is a country girl and riff on Honey Boo Boo, and she's really annoying.
    • Leonard. He's a reference to a Triumph the Insult Dog interviewee. I appreciate the reference, but overall he's just kinda bleh.
    • Beardo is probably the most forgettable character in the series. I actually forgot to talk about him when I first made this review, so I'll make this short. He just makes sound effects and that's his entire character. But yeah, he gets eliminated first so he's only okay.
    • Amy is just the Evil Twin trope. She treats Samey like subhuman trash, nearly tries to kill her ("Ugh! Fine, you can live!") and emotionally manipulates the rest of her team to get Samey voted off.
    • Rodney was also really annoying. His “falling in love with every girl” gimmick got old really quickly.
    • I also didn't like Ella that much. I'm actually kinda glad Sugar got her disqualified early on.
    • Max. He's dressed up as Dr Evil... and he's evil. I thought the characters were supposed to be teen stereotypes? You know, because Max isn't. Like, what stereotype is he supposed to be?
    • Topher's Chris obsession was also really annoying. Just imagine Sierra but really bad. That said, I find Sierra annoying too, but at least she doesn't tamper with the challenges and get her team put up for elimination.
    • And then there’s Dave. He sucks hard. I just really don't want to talk about him.

So, yeah. Pahkitew Island is tasteless and lukewarm, but it's alright. 6/10.

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