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09/18/2019 17:02:30 •••

Lower Your Expectations

Did you watch the pilot to the show? Well, you have seen 80% of the best jokes.

I had high hopes for this show, I thought it will be on pair with "Over the Garden Wall", "Steven Universe" or "Gravity Fall". An end product is just okay.

The first episode leaves strong impressions. Main heroes are very likable, mystery intriguing and fist cart creative. But as the show goes on the new 'words' they visit lean closer to random that fascinating. And Tulip's emotional arc, while very mature, is really predictable. I never really felt her emotion, despite going through a few similar experiences to her.

And the main mystery, the train. This paragraph will contain tiny spoilers, but I still suggest you read it. Ready? Set? Go: we never learn what it is. We learn a few things about it, but core questions "what's the point of it? What it gains from doing this and that?" are never answered and frankly, that really disappointed me. The concept is what too complicated and detailed to brush off like Tooth Fairy, the thing that just does a thing just because.

So it a bad cartoon? ...Probably not. You can still watch it, it's less than 2 hours, but I seriously suggest you lower your expectations from 1st episode. There are rumors about a sequel, but I'm not holding my breath.

09/18/2019 00:00:00

Cartoon Network directly said \"Infinity Train will return\" both at the initial airing of the final episode and on their Youtube channel. The reason they didn\'t say what the train is because that\'s not all we\'re getting. We have plenty of time and more opportunities to find out more about the train.

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