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08/06/2019 08:42:04 •••

This mess is much worse than having to eat a human face from a can

After years of delays following the Kickstarter fiasco, we finally see the release of John Kricfalusi's Cans Without Labels. Putting aside the fact that the creator had already faced accusations of being a pedophile and a rapist (and responded to the allegations in rather questionable ways) prior to the cartoon's release, there's simply nothing good about this short.

There's not a lot this piece of crap provides in the terms of humor, just thinking that funny faces alone will make the cartoon funny, which is a way of thinking akin to believing that condiments are all you need to make good food. The pacing is awful, the CGI backgrounds do not mesh well with the 2-D animation, and Donald Bastard serves little purpose other than giving Slab and Ernie a convenient way to get rid of the face their Uncle George is forcing them to eat in addition to being a rather unfunny Take That! towards Disney.

John K simply has no future in animation. He's already been blacklisted from the animation industry because of his reputation of being an abusive boss with ridiculously perfectionist standards as well as the news of what he did to poor Robyn Bird and Katie Rice, and no sane person is willing to defend him anymore. At this point, the best thing John can do is retire from animation for good.

08/06/2019 00:00:00

Gosh, I paid a buck towards this once upon a time.

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