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06/08/2019 04:56:24 •••

Funny, clever, relaxed, down-to-earth and sweet - an amazing show I heartily recommend

Many cartoons popular today with the internet-using, review-writing, TV Tropes-reading demographic are thrilling stories of adventure and mystery. They are exciting, suspenseful and emotional. And Milo has all of the above, with a lot more laughter and a lot less drama.

Unlike its predecessor Phineas and Ferb, this show has story arcs and more strongly progressing continuity, planned with such forethought that there are plentiful Rewatch Bonuses. The premise of Murphy's law - everything that can go wrong, will, around a Murphy - is utilized in convoluted, imaginative and hilarious ways. Really, the whole show is just... Zany. Beside the explosions, loose wrecking balls and falling trees and lamp posts, there's time travel, a lard-themed amusement park, evil mutated plants from the future, shape-shifting alien octopuses and a ridiculously fast criminal koala with a catchy theme song. And songs, of course, all of them superbly funny. The plot is rich and made up of several intertwining arcs that merge, split and develop in various comical ways, sprinkled with running gags. The arcs don't all begin at once; they are introduced slowly, gradually, without pressure on the viewer, and unfold in a similarly relaxed pace - until they reach their peak, when it's all action and adventure. And that's okay: the focus here is on the humor, and the heart. Milo Murphy's Law is truly bursting with well done, non-soppy, non-pretentious heart. Its relationships are believable and harmonious, with no Hollywood-style forced drama. Even the romance, the most common victim of this in stories, goes smoothly and sweetly like you wouldn't believe. The friendships are strong, the families loving. See, in this show, people are normal. Really. Everyone is nice and helpful, stereotypes are either played with or completely disregarded, and it all adds up to a feeling of comfortable, sweet everyday ordinariness you hardly ever see in TV shows.

It seems fashionable these days to just assume that this makes Milo Murphy's Law boring. It does not. It makes it all the more compelling. With a brilliant premise, a cast of funny and likable characters and a not at all serious attitude, this show provides a refreshing break from the largely stereotyped dramatic format so widespread today. It's a slice of life family comedy with physics-defying bad luck thrown into the mix, and that is just what makes it so incredibly enjoyable.

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