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05/07/2019 15:31:57 •••

One of the best episodic kids' shows

Like about everyone my age on TV Tropes, I really enjoyed Phineas and Ferb whenever I had the opportunity to watch it, and Milo Murphy's Law is a perfect successor. It's one of the most consistently funny and pure-hearted animated shows out there right now, with the writers knowing when to play stupid and when to play smart (smarter, I imagine, than most of the target audience) to get the maximum laughs. It's been running for almost two seasons now and I've yet to get tired of it. What aids this, I suspect, is that about halfway into the first season a story arc following two side characters is introduced. Asides from being funny and interesting on its own, it also gives the main characters fresh new things to react to, so despite the 'everything goes wrong' gimmick the show is sold on it never gets stale. Due to its less story-driven nature than other popular shows, I think that the first couple of episodes are actually pretty good indicators as to the rest of the series's substance (minus the aforementioned story arc) so I really recommend giving it a chance!

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