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04/18/2019 20:56:09 •••

Don't watch him.

A right 'ol smeghead. His Discord mods banned me for saying anime was trash and old British shows like Red Dwarf and Fawlty Towers were better than Gurren Lagann.

Nico himself has called me a fascist and has said I was "so ugly they kicked me out of the zoo where your mom lives"

I'm joking of course. He's nice, funny and not paying me 10 (13$ in your filthy American currency) and holding my guinea pig hostage to say that.

tl;dr: Go watch someone else (not me).

Sincerely, Imamura Cross and Gold (This was a joint effort, he did the spellchecking of this review, go to the Nico B Discord and say thanks for me:

04/15/2019 00:00:00

I don`t get it, why does this Nico B attract such bizarre reviews?

First we had a review from one of Nico B`s most prolific tvtrope page editors, who wouldn`t spare more than 50 words for the guy. Now we have you giving us this weirdly jumbled review, in which you advertise your discord channel, and you`ve never wrote a thing for tvtropes ever.

I think I`m going to have to watch him.

04/15/2019 00:00:00

If this is the kind of \"wit\" I can expect from Niko Bellic, I\'ll pass.

04/18/2019 00:00:00

Bastard 1, just so you know, the chances that Nico B ddi what OP claims they did seem slim to none to me. I doubt Nico\'s associated with OP either, this just seems like a poor attempt at trolling.

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