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03/13/2020 11:54:07 •••

An actually honest review of Nico B

This review was originally more rude and a lie. I did it as a joke and, while I found it funny at the time, it really wasn’t and I grew guilty because Nico deserves better than that. I sincerely apologise for it and to anyone mentioned in the review and those swayed away by it. I was going to delete it but as that was not an option, I’m editing it to be more honest. A bit too late to be enough imo.

Nico B is someone I have been watching for years. At least since his Persona 4 or Danganronpa 2 videos. He has provided great content over the years.

Nico is known for doing a lot of voices in his LP and ad-libbing his characters in funny situations (my personal favourite is Phoenix in the Apollo Justice). Some may find the voices annoying, but I find them hilarious and some of Nico’s voice acting can be really good and fitting for the character. He also does give the games a serious reading throughout his L Ps.

Beyond that, Nico is actually (well, tends to be) pretty good at the games he plays and actually listens to the comments with tips and helpful advice. He also admits fault when some part of the plot or his anger is his fault. Something I genuinely respect.

Nico’s choice of games would be pretty hit-or-miss for some, they tend to be visual novels, RP Gs and Action games. While there are some L Ps I don’t watch because of the games, his variety can be pretty refreshing as he goes from a long new game to a long awaited return to a beloved series. He also tends to play a lot of the same series which is great, as we get to see his love grow (worsen in Corpse Party’s case) and him get better.

His videos length may also put off some people, they used to be about half an hour but nowadays it about 1 hour per video. While this is fairly long, his videos are edited well to ensure each part of it is worth seeing. I find the best ways I enjoy it is to put it on in the background while playing my own games.

Nico also does a lot of live-streams which I tend to not watch but it’s important to note as he does 1 every week. I find that they tend to be the most popular games rather than ones I enjoy or would find enjoyable (Disgaea never).

The last thing is Nico himself. For those that saw the previous review, every thing I said was a lie, and a not funny one at that. Nico is a genuinely funny and fun guy, he genuinely cares for his fans and supporters and his willingness to at least try to make things work rather then quit is respectable, if a bit worrying for his health at points. He’s too much of a good guy to leave this review up in good faith and I should’ve deleted it earlier.

Overall, I whole-heartedly recommend this guy and his content. My suggestions would be his ace attorney series (Apollo Justice being my favourite) and Yakuza, even though those games tend to take him a bit.

04/15/2019 00:00:00

I don`t get it, why does this Nico B attract such bizarre reviews?

First we had a review from one of Nico B`s most prolific tvtrope page editors, who wouldn`t spare more than 50 words for the guy. Now we have you giving us this weirdly jumbled review, in which you advertise your discord channel, and you`ve never wrote a thing for tvtropes ever.

I think I`m going to have to watch him.

04/15/2019 00:00:00

If this is the kind of \"wit\" I can expect from Niko Bellic, I\'ll pass.

04/18/2019 00:00:00

Bastard 1, just so you know, the chances that Nico B ddi what OP claims they did seem slim to none to me. I doubt Nico\'s associated with OP either, this just seems like a poor attempt at trolling.

07/20/2019 00:00:00

No idea what this is, but I know both the Imamura Cross and Gold mentioned in this, and both said they had never seen this in their lives, so no clue who this joker is.

Not to mention Imamura Cross is a moderator both on the channel and the Discord, so needless to say he\'s not banned on the Discord, neither has Nico ever said anything of the sort or paid him to write a review.

Considering how this \'review\' is a mess, clearly presents contrary and false info, and doesn\'t mention an opinion on the content at all this should probably not be here. Not to mention it\'s impersonating other people.

Thanks for the link to the Discord though I guess.

PS: I\'m a channel and Discord mod for Nico myself just to clarify that.

07/21/2019 00:00:00

As Travus says, OP is not me. Nico B has also not ever said anything so offensive. This whole review is an attempt at trolling, which is a little obvious when it has lines like, \"Nico B is holding my guinea pig hostage,\" but in any case, you\'d probably do well to disregard this \'review\' :P

03/13/2020 00:00:00

This review was originally a originally an unfunny joke. I thought it was funny at the time but it isn’t.

No, my pathetic attempts to be funny are far from, and will never, representing Nico B accurately.

Nico never did anything I claimed and everything I said should be discarded. I’d delete it but that wasn’t an option.

Imamura and Gold, I do apologise for bringing you into it and mentioning you. I appreciate what you do for Nico and the effort you put in. I’d make it up to you if I could. Imamura and Gold never did anything in that ‘review’ and what I said was, again, a lie. I’d make it up to them if I could for lying about them.

I apologise, again, to anyone hurt or swayed off by the original review. This edited one is more honest and representative of what I think of Nico and I hope it at least helps fix some of the damage I may have caused.

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