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01/24/2019 20:42:39 •••

So let's talk about Glass

I have no idea why Glass is getting terrible reviews. Frankly I think this film is genius and even now, hours later I'm still unpacking the film's themes, Shayamalan's intent for the film, and my overall emotions regarding the whole thing.

First off, this is not some big, ultimate, climactic superhero vs. supervillain crossover battle. The film's too grounded for that, and when David Dunn does face off against The Beast the overall exchanges don't get hyperbolic or well-choreographed. We don't even get the usual "movie brutality". Because the story isn't really about that.

Really, the story continues Unbreakable's themes of comic books being a sensationalized representation of amazing acts and gifted individuals... by calling it all into question. We've had two movies to accept this setting where there are men with superhuman strength and resiliance, and now Sarah Paulson's character Ellie Staple is introduced to attempt to refute all of this and offering an alternate explanation for everything we've seen. It's meant to make us wonder, or at least make the characters wonder, and dear god does it succeed at that. We get multiple close-ups of various characters' faces, to convey not just their emotions but also their feelings, be it uncertainty, isolation, or even resolute belief.

And ultimately, without spoiling too much, the film ends up being about the conflict between wonderment and finding your purpose vs. a cynical disillusionment and suppression of individuality. And this goes beyond simply the idea of good vs. evil, the conflict that many assumed this film would be about, because the question of whether or not those good vs. evil conflict have a place in the world to begin with. It reminds me of other semi-superhero films like Birdman, where the greatest evil is in fact just oppressive dispassion. I know plenty of people don't like the ending, but if the film were any different then the impact of that ending wouldn't be there when it is the most crucial thing about it.

So yeah, it's amazing.

01/24/2019 00:00:00

I honestly find myself agreeing with this review. Quite liked it and couldn\'t understand the abysmal reception.

01/24/2019 00:00:00

I thought one aspect of it that was especially underrated was the camera work, which could be jarringly realistic. A lot of the Beast\'s rampage is shown from the point of view of his victims, whether they\'re inside a car or at a distance across the hospital grounds. It makes him scarier than he already is, which is saying something.

Samuel L. Jackson really shines throughout. This was a labor of love for him, and it shows.

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