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11/14/2018 04:32:15 •••

Season 3: Wait Come Back, We Can Change!

It's season 3 for my dynamic doppelganger. The last we saw of Matt Murdock, he had been crushed under a building whilst taking out the world's most boring ninja conspiracy. Now Daredevil is back to square one, shook by both the loss of his hearing and by the news that his nemesis, Wilson Fisk, is back out of prison.

Daredevil sneaks its way back onto Netflix, attempting to rekindle the audience goodwill that was lost over both the Defenders and every other Marvel Netflix sequel. It does this by slamming down hard on the reset button. Matt is back in black, as it were, no longer wearing his dopey looking, unstoppable super suit. He's also back to squaring off against - and losing to - ordinary street thugs. He's also back to fighting against the chess master, Mr. Fisk, who swiftly takes back everything he has ever lost. Basically we are getting everything we like about the first season brought back again. And it's great. The pacing is good, the conflict is palpable, the plots are focused and end on exciting cliff hangers, driving you straight into the next episode. Then there is the choreography, which surpasses every Marvel show we've seen so far. The season includes its obligatory, impressive one scene fist fight, but the standout battle happens midway through the season, between Daredevil and brand new villain Bullseye.

Yes, Bullseye. That Colin Farrell character from the Daredevil' movie with the target carved into his face. The villain whose super power is that he is really good at throwing things. That guy. Well he`s somehow great in this show too. Daredevil goes to a lot of effort laying out the groundwork for him: establishing his backstory, making him really sympathetic, and then turning him into a complete monster. Much like Fisk, this series presents him as a a guy uncomfortable in the skin he`s in, exhausted and confused by the people around him. It's all the right kind of groundwork that makes for gripping conflict and drama, and it turns out, there are lots of inventive ways you can build his character's hyper accuracy into action sequences.

In short, season 3 is a return to form, bringing back everything you could have liked about the first season, but without repeating itself or coming off as low risk. If you have any attachment to Netflix`s Marvel series, you really can't go wrong with diving into this show again, even if it means skipping out season 2 entirely.

11/14/2018 00:00:00

The main negative for me was how long it took to get going. Too much brooding Murdock by far! But once it got a head of steam it was probably the best Netflix MCU season of them all so far

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