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11/11/2018 05:06:47 •••

Good potential but it got wasted.

The premise of the show was very interesting but combo of slow pacing and too much talking more so in the earlier parts of the show for 3/4 of the episode killed it. We didn't see the distortions at all that were threat to planet unless it was coming at once and there were plot points that were dropped. In the last half of the shoe we had few new characters that were poorly developed thus had little impact on show.

Another main issue was Altair the main villain, She was too OP and any flaw she had was eventually worked around. It became ridiculous during the last part to see canon characters long established struggle to gain acceptance that she a OC had and how her fandom was so accepting of her stomping the cast and pulling out broken powers one after the other. In the end they were forced to give her a happy ending and let her get away with planetary destruction attempt with no downsides. Magane another villain got away with everything she did.

Which made the entire fights pointless the show might have been better if they made the audience lose acceptance of Altair thus allowing her to be beaten.

In all I give it 6-7/10

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