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01/05/2018 18:44:42 •••

I would recomend seeing but would also recomend giving yourself a lot of time before a rewatch. (spoilers)

When I saw The Last Jed i I thought it was quite simply the best Star Wars movie yet, and I consider myself to be a Star Wars Nerd. Sure It was a little slow in some parts, sure some scenes could have been reworked, sure some lines didn't work but they were a minority and when the film as a whole was spectacular and groundbreaking. I couldn't wait to see it again and after about three weeks I found the excuse to do so.

Second time around TLJ was actually painful during an inexcusably large portion of the movie. The main problem is the Sub-plot(s).

However rather than starting off emphasizing the negative here is the film's strong points. The main plot of the interactions between Luke, Kylo Ren, and Rey is fantastic. Its heavy but it shows some great character development and serves as a great Decon-Recon of the whole franchise. As always it looks stunning and even at its least visually interesting (casino scene hands down) it's at least on par with other movies.

But this is constantly being interrupted by that annoying sub-plot. It goes all over the place and introduces a numerous themes that are introduced but not explored before being oddly forgotten about. The only character who had believable development was Poe who learned about the dangers of uncontrolled cavalierism. Holdo and Fin simply didn't have character arcs, which is a damn shame considering the later was one of the more entertaining aspects of the Force Awakens. Rose rather suddenly goes from having a deep seated grudge against the elite to stating that saving things we love is more important than wanting to destroy the enemy. The explanation has something to do with rather bland space horses but it think a line about revenge feeling hollow somewhere along the line would have made her character arc a true arc rather than a series of points. There certainly was room for it among all the filler.

The whole subplot ends with Fin, Rose, and Poe accidentally sabotaging the Resistance making the whole thing not only pointless but actively harmful in universe. This is probably why I'm not the only person who can't help but see nothing but flaws during these parts of the movie, it practically begs you to analyze it during a repeat viewing.

So yah I would recommend going to see the Last Jedi, its still a solid movie, but I would also recommend waiting for it to leave your head before you watch it again.

01/03/2018 00:00:00

Holdo and Fin simply didn\'t have character arcs, which is a damn shame considering the later was one of the more entertaining aspects of the Force Awakens.

Holdo is forgivable since she is a side character, not a main one. Finn\'s arc, though, is learning to care about the Resistance as a cause rather than merely sticking around to keep Rey safe. DJ\'s betrayal and apathy towards the conflict provokes his righteous fervor.

01/04/2018 00:00:00

A lot of people don't think much to Rose's arc, because it works in the opposite direction to Finn's. To start with, she's a humble mechanic who is utterly devoted to the resistance and the cause her sister died for. By the end, she comes around to Finn's original thinking, about wanting to reject the bigger causes in order to protect the people you care about. I don't think she words it very well in the finale (it makes her look like a dumbass), and perhaps there should have been a moment longer where she ruminates over DJ's argument, but I can understand her reasoning. It isn't a million miles off of what Rey and Kylo were arguing about.

01/05/2018 00:00:00

A lot of people don\'t think much to Rose\'s arc, because it works in the opposite direction to Finn\'s I didn\'t find the direction it went to be bad its just to me it seemed a critical portion of it seems to have been glossed over. You can already see its almost complete at the end of Canto Bight sequence when she releases the horse thing into the wild. At the begging of the scene it had barely begun.

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