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05/20/2017 21:21:02 •••

Season 5 Review

Ahh, Samurai Jack, where do I start? Since the day this show first graced Cartoon Network, I was hooked. Samurai Jack was a show that seemed to have it all: Unforgettable characters, beautiful animation, intense action scenes, moving drama, and hilarious comedy. So what more could a fan like me ask for? Well how about a fifth season? When it was announced that Samurai Jack was getting a fifth season on Toonami, my heart soared. Combine that with Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters also being aired on Toonami, 2017 was looking to be quite the interesting year. After watching all ten episodes, I can describe the season in one word: Badass.


  • Phil LaMarr as always, really gives it his all in his voicing of Jack. And while he is certainly no Mako (nor was I ever expecting him to be), Greg Baldwin does a pretty good job as Aku.
  • The action scenes are as intense as ever. The first fight between Jack and the Daughters of Aku is my personal favorite due to how well choreographed the fight was and the Awesome Music that accompanied it.
  • So many awesome call backs and nods to the first four seasons. "Episode XCV" and "Episode CI" in particular are practically love letters to the first four seasons of the series.
  • Despite the Darker and Edgier tone, the series still retains its sense of humor, showing that Darker and Edgier doesn't have to be Gloomier and Drearier.


  • Because of the season's short length, the pacing of the show feels rushed at times. Because of this, Ashi's Character Development felt rushed and a bit forced.
    • Likewise, the romance between her and Jack was clumsily handled. Don't get me wrong, I like Ashi, and she and Jack are a great couple, but there could've been more of a build up to it.
  • The cursing in "Episode XCVI" was unnecessary in my opinion, especially since they don't curse in later episodes of the season. Though Scaramouche's "talking penis" joke made me laugh, mostly because it was so unexpected.
  • The final battle with Jack and Aku wasn't as climatic as I hoped. While I'm glad Jack finally got back to the past, I was expecting one last showdown between the two foes beforehand.

Conclusion: While it does make a few mistakes along the way, Samurai Jack's final season manages to combine its story arcs into one epic finale. God bless you, Genndy, and God bless you Toonami for giving this show the epic send off it so rightly deserved! To quote Olivia's song:

We Will Never Forget You, Samurai Jack!

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