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10/19/2016 13:34:28 •••

Metroid: Fusion

Metroid Fusion is the follow up of Super Metroid. It is the final game of the franchise chronologically (unless Federation Force is canon and takes place after this, but I have doubts).

The control is simplified, and I think GBA control is the best of 2D Metroid. You run automatically, the buttons are always under your fingers (although I'd prefer to "toggle" the missiles instead of "holding" them).

The level design is a ship with multiple sections, essentially creating a hub world with variable "levels." While I don't mind the linearity (upgrades are fun to find, and the map helpfully marks them for you), the railroading (doors locked by ADAM) feel forced at times.

SA-X is a threatening Implacable Woman. Unlike Dark Samus, it is less a Cosmic Horror Story and more of a slasher villain. It helps that you spend most of the time running away from it so the final confrontation feels satisfying.

PS: A minor gripe of mine is I don't like the Fusion Suit. I get that they are trying to make Samus look like a Metroid, but it just looks like plastic ice cream to me.

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