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09/23/2016 11:46:18 •••

Spider-Man 2

Looking back, I've realized that most of my love and nostalgia for the original films can be found in this movie. And I can easily say that this is still my favorite Spider-Man film and still one of my favorite superhero films of all time.

This may also be one of the most human superhero films of all time. Essentially, the entire movie makes you connect with Peter Parker and his struggles and emotional turmoil. You root for him, cheer when he succeeds, mourn when he's heartbroken. The tragedies he faces, however, make his victories all the more sweeter.

Doc Ock, of course, is an amazing villain. Aside from looking cool and providing some awesome fight scenes, he also happens to have believable emotional turmoil of his own. Which turns out to be very relevant in the end.

Then there's the action. This movie is where the action really picked up steam. Although the movie takes some time to get moving, and the effects are somewhat dated (being over a decade old and all), the choreography is pretty tight and fluid, and say no more about the Traintop Battle... which is still one of my favorite fight scenes ever. And this was released in 2004.

Also great humor. Mostly from Jonah Jameson. Yup. He had one of the funniest moments ever. Sure, the movie can be corny at times, but really, that's a part of what Spider-Man is. I can easily look past that.

The most touching part of the movie, however, is really the message. When Peter's down on himself, Aunt May delivers it so simply, and yet so sweetly. The simplicity of her description of what a hero really is makes it timeless.

So... yeah. Good movie. Great movie. Amazing movie. Personally, I consider this film a masterpiece. If you haven't seen it yet, watch it!note 

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