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09/21/2016 12:36:00 •••

Unappreciated fanfic

I'd like to add a positive review to this fanfic, because I truly liked the concept and the premise. For example, it impressed me, how Princess Celestia was portrayed there — a caring and wise ruler, who can make mistakes and has the guts to admit them and apologize. Or the whole idea of saving — yes, saving, people from the wall of death and destruction. Just think about it — ponies spent an enormous amount of time and efforts to create proper infrastructure for teaching newfoals and helping them to adapt. They allowed humans to live in Equestria, without asking anything in return (if you will be able to find a first world country that will give you a citizenship without any requirements, please, let me know). It's not fair to blame ponies for anything. After all, they could've just sit on their rumps and enjoy the show of people dying in agony. But instead, they work hard to save the specie that they treat as dangerous and unpredictable. If that's not the true goodness, then I don't know what is. Main characters, though, are kinda bleak and cliched. We've seen such archetypes in many fics before and will be seeing in the future fics as well. But it doesn't make the fanfic worse. In addition, I'd like to point out that this fanfic wasn't meant to spread hate and flame wars around. It was an innocent attempt to explain, why humans are not seen anywhere in the show, and also for wish-fullfilment purpose. In this fanfic, ponies are always pure and kind, and hold the greatest values deep in their hearts. They only want to share it with humans, so they'd let go all this hatred they possess. Nothing else.

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