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Well hello there, I am Kizuna Tallis, troper, pop culture junkie and fandom occupant. I love all manners of things, provided they have good stories and lovable characters.

I also like to write fanfiction in my spare time. I have accounts on Archive of Our Own, FIMFiction, and of course, FF.Net. I was also a member of the team that wrote The Conversion Bureau: The Other Side of the Spectrum and helped out on writing its continuity reboot SPECTRUM. I can also be found on Reddit, Tumblr (warning, there is some NSFW stuff) and Deviantart.


I've also been active on music, especially electronic. I'm obsessed with trance, but also have a soft spot for industrial, techno and house. Used to be big into screamo, metalcore and alternative, and I'll occasionally revisit my old favorites.

Wanna know more about me or my "work", feel free to PM me.

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