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01/13/2016 15:24:14 •••

Pretty Fun Gameplay, But Infuriating Story

I have to admit, I have recently just gotten this game. So, I played through it, having some fun, the usual. It's an Atlus game. That goes without saying. But since this is a review, I'm just going to cut straight to the point.

Gameplay-wise, this is a pretty fun tactical RPG. The turn speed is pretty decently paced, the characters are useful in battle with all their cool abilities, the music's pretty cool, and the difficulty is very reasonable.

What I CAN'T get down with, however, is this game's story, and how it treats some of its characters. Apparently, the ONLY characters we should care about are the witches and Alto, seeing as how only the females should be the former, and how only Alto should be the Conductor. To add insult to injury, characters like Rusty and Ewan, for instance, begin to take a backseat in the plot as it progresses, while the witches basically steal the spotlight there, and NOT in the good way. To see that I had to max out the bonds with witches differently from the rest of the characters was bull, but what REALLY killed it for me was how the "tuning" was portrayed in a sensual light, which pissed me off to no end.

Overall, do NOT play this game for its story. There's no satisfaction if you do so. But if you want an RPG with fun gameplay, and characters that are pretty interesting, then you should check it out. Who knows? Maybe you'll like something that I didn't.

Rating: 4/5

01/05/2016 00:00:00

Honestly, I flat-out don't get a lot of your complaints about the story. I'm not sure what you mean when you say "only the females should be the former, and how only Alto should be the Conductor." You don't really elaborate what's bad about the Witches stealing the spotlight (and I'd debate that they're "stealing" it, since most advertising for the game has put them front and center, and they're central to the game's concept). You don't really explain why having to Tune the Witches is bull, either.

It sounds mostly like you're frustrated that not every party member got equal focus in the story, but I can only think of a small handful of RPGs that have anything resembling that.

01/13/2016 00:00:00

You don't elaborate on exactly WHAT is so wrong about the Witches being front and center or why Alto being the Conductor is so bad (which makes total sense if you've completed the game).

Ewan is a MERCHANT; it is illogical for him to take the front seat, and Rusty is a supporting character that got his own day in the limelight during his subplot with Hrodulf.

This review doesn't tell me anything about what is actually wrong; it just seems to me like your complaining about things you don't like about the game.

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