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09/02/2018 08:24:45 •••

I love SpongeBob: both pre-movie and post movie and better yet also post-sequel.

SpongeBob is such an amazing cartoon and it is hard to believe that this show has been on air for over a decade. Most shows don't last that long.

My favorite character is SpongeBob because of his work ethic, optimism, good nature, and innocence. Yes, he was flanderized,can be annoyingly troublesome, and has before received the Jerkass Ball, which is a reason why people think the show suffered Seasonal Rot; however, for the most part, SpongeBob is innocently insensitive and is a Ron the Death Eater.

I like a lot of episodes from this show too, even the most hated ones. Episodes such as One Coarse Meal, Demolition Doofus, A Pal For Gary, etc. are another reason why people gave up on the show, but we have had good (and I am talking about episodes that most people like) such as Plankton's Pet, Don't Look Now, Mrs. Puff You're Fired, etc. Also, thanks to Stephen Hillenburg returning,the recent episodes are really good; in fact, they are almost better than the pre-movie era.

Overall, I really enjoy this show and it has been part of my childhood. He is like the Nickelodeon version of Mickey Mouse. If you hate this show or think it went downhill I respect your opinion and I will respect your opinion on this review.

08/21/2018 00:00:00

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09/02/2018 00:00:00

I just feel the bad outweighs the good too much in between the movies.

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