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02/20/2018 05:13:48 •••

For A Remake, It Feels Woefully Like The Original

Aside from updating the graphics and a handful of background mechanics, ORAS do not feel like proper remakes. Nothing in the story has actually changed compared to Ruby/Sapphire, except you now have to face a 'Primal' version of the cover-monster. And by Primal, we mean some glowly lines and nothing else.

The touch screen is used for various features, like the DexNav letting you sneak up on Pokémon in the grass, a BuzzNav that talks constantly about the player and nothing else, the PlayNav that gives you the touch screen features from X/Y and the regular map feature. The DexNav feature is pointless, sneaking up on Pokémon is not really amazing as the Pokémon are overall easy to encounter to begin with.

The story hasn't changed. Maxie or Archie are still out to resurrect Groudon/Kyogre for reasons that are not properly explained, nor even remotely understandable to the player. Resurrect an ancient Pokémon - joy, like that hasn't been the point since Gen III. For a remake, I was hoping there would be some proper changes to the story. Not to mention, the story is so horribly shoved into between the 6th and 7th Gym, before forcing me to finish things up before I can get the last Gymbadge, it ruins the pacing.

The fact that the game did not bring back Trainer Customization from X/Y was another issue. When people complained about the lack of diversity in customization, we didn't mean 'remove it entirely'. Similarly, the now-changed-to-Fairy-type Pokémon are so... underrated and non-existent, it's easy to forget they are even around.

I was expecting a remake and not the same game I played years ago on a Gameboy, only with a fresh coat of paint that, unfortunately, chips easily once you look at the game with a bit of a harder eye.

If one has never played Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald, the game might be enjoyeable. But if you did play the games, stay away from this, it's really not even updated enough to keep one's interest.

10/25/2015 00:00:00

- Not exactly correct. ORAS did flesh out the rivals and the admins.

- Primal legendary do have the ability to summons weather that last as long as the user is on the field which also nullifies a certain type move. Also, Primal Groudon is Fire/Ground.

- Have you ever use the online function yet? if you did, it will talk about other players.

- [DexNav] isn't entirely pointless, it's easier to get Pokemon with hidden ability and/or egg move along with perfect IV.

- As for the story, I assume that you probably wasn't paying too much attention when you watched the cutscene.

- The reason why ORAS doesn't have trainer customization wasn't because peoples complained.

- There's Ralts, Mawile, Marill and Jigglypuff. They were only a few but not forgettable.

- How did you even play Ruby and Sapphire on a Gameboy? I thought you need Gameboy Advance to do so.

- it does have move tutor unlike XY. It may seems not important to some. But for other players, it is important.

In conclusion, your review is woeful. I have a feeling that you didn't complete the game when you wrote this review.

10/26/2015 00:00:00

- The rivals were not fleshed out beyond being still stupid.

- Weather effects barely do much in the long run.

- Don't care about online function.

- If a player cares about those, fine. If one doesn't, it's just an addition which doesn't do much.

- I did. Their plan was still stupid.

- They still shouldn't remove features they added in the previous game.

- What about those pokémon?

- Gameboy, Gameboy Advanced, Gameboy Color, doesn't matter, it's a freaking Gameboy.

In conclusion, you are jumping to a wrong conclusion. I had finished the game when I wrote this review and I realized just how un-changed this game was, compared to its original versions. They could've done a lot more. I expected more from a remake. (Look at Heart Gold or Soul Silver, they were remakes and changed and improved a lot. They just got lazy with this one.)

01/19/2016 00:00:00

Heart Gold and Soul Silver were as much as mere remakes as Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire IMO. Other than being on a more powerful game engine, it's practically the same. HG/SS changes the order of a few events and adds/changes some characters... but so does OR/AS, and that's it.

Naturally, this has one problem: The change from Gen III to Gen VI is nowhere as significant as from Gen II to Gen IV, so there you have your feeling that it's too similar: There wasn't as much to upgrade.

Now, I too prefer HGSS over ORAS, but it's "only" because I think HGSS has the best interface in the series. Were it not for that... (Although it could be related with the fact I could not care less about Trainer Customization)

01/21/2016 00:00:00

HGSS tried a little too heart to appeal to the older fans with the old stuff. You know, Pokémon following you like in Yellow when it has no effect, other than a cosmetical one. I mean, it's sweet, but nothing that changes anything.

ORAS, quite frankly, felt barely any different from Ruby/Sapphire to begin with. In fact, I probably would have preferred it, had they not remade R/S, but simply Emerald. Only 'one' Gen III remake, but it's the one with the most Pokémon and 'changed' events, in that you face both teams, not just one and Rayquaza and all, with Wallace as the Champion and Steven as an extra tough challenge, post-game.

Then again, it's very likely I just never liked Gen III to begin with, because the villain teams were the weakest I had encountered, not counting Lysandre. (Then again, I could very well enjoy a Pokémon game WITHOUT a villain team pointlessly getting in my way - I already have a goal, don't make me save the world from some idiots, too)

10/24/2016 00:00:00

ORAS is unfortunately the best and worst of both worlds instead of the best of both.

02/20/2018 00:00:00

I’ve reviewed in a long term that I’ve been so consistently satisfied with the layout is appealing, the display screen is good, and overall performance and lifestyles are marvelous.

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