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03/21/2018 15:24:13 •••

The Superheroes that Do Nothing

Fantastic Four isn't the worst movie i ever seen, but it is not good either and here is a couple of reasons.

1: The Superheroes..ironically don't do anything. I mean most of the time, they are just glorified celebrities who mess around with their super powers. I can understand not so much action in an origins film, but I want superheroes actually doing superhero things.

2: While everyone else *with the exception of Michael Chikilis, who does the best from what he is given with* does a passable at best job, Jessica Alba is the worst. She can't really act at all, and it is hard for me to believe her as a scientist.

3: The final battle. The final battle was rather disappointing as well. The battle with Doom feels more like a curb stomp than anything else. When your heroes easily deals with your villain, than the tension isn't there.

If there is a positive in this film, it has to be Michael Chikilis. I think he captures the likeness of a man who considers his transformation as a curse, and is willing to do anything to return to a normal life. It is a shame that his talent was wasted on a boring film.

I would hope that the reboot will be better, but shows me that It'll probably be worse.

Rights back to Marvel Studios please *Just don't give it to the jokers who made Iron Man 3 and their brilliant idea into ruining what could have been an interesting villain for a lame joke*

03/21/2018 00:00:00

Marvel Studios is far from infallible. They\'ve been a separate entity from the comic book company since their exception. Also, Aldrich Killian is The Mandarin, not Trevor Slattery. Not to mention it was Disney/Marvel that ruined Iron Man 3. The villain was supposed to a female, something that would have made Tony\'s maturing from his playboy ways a lot more pronounced. What happened? Disney/Marvel didn\'t think that a female villain would sell toys so they substituted her with Aldrich Killian.

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