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05/30/2015 21:09:21 •••

It was...Something

Twin Peaks defies description. There is no easy way to place this series or describe it in an easily digestible way.

However, Twin Peaks is also the ultimate indicator of how something can be groundbreaking and influential without necessarily being "good". What do I mean by that? Let me elaborate.

Twin Peaks did have a good first season—with the best pilot ever I may add. But even watching it fresh I knew there was no way the show would be able to hold the interest for so long. After the initial setup, that plot was almost totally abandoned until sixteen episodes later. It was a whole bunch of people making it up as they go. There's nothing wrong with that, but at least be honest about it!

Still, it was certainly its own thing and had a lasting legacy on TV? Is it worth watching? Probably not, but it was at least different. There are other, similar shows that were handled better, but Twin Peaks is its own world. A mess, but a distinct, unusual, irreplicable mess.

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