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09/18/2017 00:09:55 •••

One of my least favourite reviewers

I would have reviewed this guy a while ago, but in order to have an opinion on something, you have to experience it first. So, I did. I sat down and watched a few of his videos all the way through. Guess what? I didn't enjoy them.

You see, Mr. Enter caters to the "I'm 20+ years old and I'm sorry for today's kids!" crowd. I can't stand these types of people, because they believe that their childhood was so perfect that they act like it's still ongoing, and think they're superior by bitching about how bad things are today. Mr. Enter himself seems to believe that he's an almighty hero, standing up against the tyranny of bad cartoons, saving today's youth from the horrors of poorly-made animated programming. As if today's kids actually care.

I'm certainly not against adults today watching cartoons for kids. That's fine because that's been going on for years. However, at the same time, you shouldn't care about what today's children watch on television. If you're not a kid anymore, and you still watch cartoons, you should be aware that cartoons are not always going to cater to you. And this isn't a new thing. Companies have been making bad cartoons since the beginning. They're mass-produced, churned out in order to please the little ones. But Mr. Enter acts like bad cartoons are some kind of grievous insult, and this, combined with his insufferable voice and self-centered attitude, makes his reviews impossible for me to take seriously.

If you are reviewing a cartoon aimed at little kids by whining about how childish the humour is and saying how "The shows I liked as a kid were so much better!" then you're a hypocrite. So, you're perfectly happy with the childish humour of the shows you liked as a kid, but today's kids aren't allowed to enjoy the childish humour of the cartoons they like? This hypocrisy pretty much sums up Mr. Enter's work. I'm sorry but I disagree with the idea that children's cartoons have to all be complex, solid-gold perfection. They do not need to be - if kids enjoy them, that's good enough. This man-child also rants about the "bad messages" and "poor morals" present in some cartoons, because apparently parents or guardians do not exist and the idiot box has to teach kids everything about life.

So, as you can tell, I largely dislike Mr. Enter. I find him and his videos whiny, elitist and immature.

02/18/2015 00:00:00

Here's my question: WHICH of his reviews you watched? His older ones, or his newest ones? Because he's gotten better overall as the time went on. Hell, for this very reason he recently started redoing his older reviews, in an attempt to fix the mistakes he made in the past about how he criticizes things.

I can't recall him bitching that "hurr durr older cartoons were better". Care to give us an example?

02/18/2015 00:00:00

It should be noted that Enter hates the argument "because it's for kids!" Sure, you shouldn't ever judge a bad cartoon with that excuse, but I just think Enter argues against it so he doesn't need to accept that sometimes, maybe that's true!

02/18/2015 00:00:00

Well, he seems to really hate a lot of newer shows like Breadwinners, Sanjay and Craig, Teen Titans Go, that sort of stuff. I'm not saying he thinks everything old is perfect and every new sucks, it's just a recurring theme in his videos, and I just find it weird how he feels he has to actually watch new shows even though he knows he's not going to like them.

Now, I don't watch new cartoons so I can't comment on any of them, but like I said, they are for kids mainly, and kids don't mind crummy shows with bad morals. Some of the most beloved shows that so many nostalgic 90s/early 2000s brats rave about over and over have awful morals and featured tons of slapstick. Did we care as kids? No! We just went on with our lives. We didn't decide to go out and scam people after watching Ed, Edd and Eddy for example.

Therefore If I were to sit down and watch, I don't know, Breadwinners, and find it awful, I wouldn't say "Oh my god, this sucks! What an awful show!" I'd say "Well, I'd probably like it more if I were a kid".

Thus, I'm not against reviewing cartoons, what I am against is the idea that cartoons HAVE to have adult humour, complex storylines, and tons of morals in order to be good. Enter seems to worship animation and despise it when something comes along that isn't good, as if it's unnatural and rare (and because he only reviews animation, it makes his taste in entertain seem awfully limited). I mean, the fact that he divides animated cartoons into just two groups "admirable" and "atrocities" shows how biased he is. "It's other solid-gold, or it's an atrocity!" Uhm, no. It's a bunch of goddamn animated drawings on a screen. That's really all it is at the end of the day.

And his fans (well, most of them, there are probably some more intelligent ones) are absolutely deluded, and, like him, feel cheated by children's television. Just one trip to a comment section and I just wanted to shut my computer down and walk away.

The comments were mostly this:

"I'm so sorry for today's kids!", "This show is so childish!" "I'm so lucky I grew up in the 90s!", "F*ck you Cartoon Network/Nickelodeon/etc!", "This show ruined my childhood!", "OMG so much nostalgia!" "Today's kids' shows suck except (list of shows)!" "Wow this sucked, animation is dead!" "This show made me lose faith in humanity!"

Oh, grow up! These are the types of people Enter almost exclusively caters to. The people who, instead of simply selecting the entertainment they want to view and ignoring things they don't want to view, instead feel obligated to make themselves look like an uncultured loser by whining and crying and taking it out on the actual audience. It's the absolute height of first world problems. "This show that isn't aimed at me and I'm not being forced to watch exists. My childhood is ruined forever!".

02/18/2015 00:00:00

To kyun: Thanks for understanding my point here. I think that the excuse "it's for kids" is perfectly fine for an excuse. When you're a kid, you don't have a mature mindset, you can't yet understand why something is informal because as a kid you've never experienced a truly formal atmosphere. Thus, obnoxious, dumbed-down comedy is perfectly understandable. It's what kids like. They enjoy fart jokes, characters being abusive, stupid accents and clichéd plots, because they haven't yet realised that this sort of stuff isn't high art. And when you're a kid and you still don't like lowbrow kiddie humour, you just watch something else until you are satisfied. In this way, a lot of today's kids are actually more mature than a lot of modern cartoon fans.

02/18/2015 00:00:00

There's a difference between a child watching a show and saying "This is bad", and a grown man watching a show and saying "This is insulting, stupid past the point of childishness and completely unfit for human consumption. You might as well feed your children thumbtacks if you're going to let them watch this show".

I know that I endured some crap as a kid, and I took the express route to better TV whenever I could. But the bad TV never really affected me. Hell, some overmilked concepts could be pulled off well enough depending on the quality of the show - fart jokes are only unfunny when they're not done well. More often than not, mediocre TV is just filler between better TV, and that's been a part of life for years. Very few children are going to grow up on a diet of exclusively new cartoons, and even if they do they'll probably have enough interaction in the real world not to be so drastically affected by a dumb kid's show.

And even then, poorer-quality TV shows aren't necessarily bad. Every show has its audience. It's far more insulting to say that kids can be harmed by a mediocre TV show and compare it to child abuse, in comparison to a show that's like a scaled down version of a primetime TV show. Kids are impressionable and kind of stupid - but I'm pretty sure more children than not are going to see the show, get some brainless fun-time out of it and move on with their perfectly normal lives. Bad TV isn't a big deal because it's not an award-winning miniseries or what have you - Glurge does exist, and trashy kid's TV also exists, but kids usually have enough of a filter to sense when something's bullshit.

02/19/2015 00:00:00

I find myself agreeing with this review. I looked at one of his Teen Titans GO reviews and just scrolled to the comments (didn't actually watch the video). Apparently, the show is trying to be misogynistic and sexist according to the comment section.

I actually watch the show occasionally and I find it pretty funny at some points. What I also found is that its not trying to to take itself all. That's the whole point of Teen Titans GO actually. Its, in a way, a parody of the original Teen Titans. Actually, IT IS a parody of the original Teen Titans.

So that video about him apparently bashing the episode "Boys vs Girls" (which was one of the weakest episodes to be honest) sounds like blasphemy along with his whiny comment section; and as a result, my impressions of him has gotten even worse from before (Keep in mind that I haven't even actually watched a video). The fact that he is taking the show so goddamn seriously just baffles me since it was never meant for that. I feel that he should have judged in in terms of "did this joke work" or "is it funny" instead of analyzing the theme.

That's like me analyzing the theme of a Spongebob episode and calling it super deep afterwards. No, that doesn't happen.

05/28/2015 00:00:00

To be honest, Enter doesn't really hate new cartoons as a whole, just a particular group of them(which also happens to have been those that have become particularly popular like Breadwinners or Teen Titans Go). He has himself stated that the 2010s is on the road to becoming his favorite decade in animation(and that the 70s was the weakest).

"That's the whole point of Teen Titans GO actually. Its, in a way, a parody of the original Teen Titans. Actually, IT IS a parody of the original Teen Titans. "

He has adressed this. Don't know if you've seen it or not.

Either way... I like the guy, and I like his reviews. I kinda fear for humanity with some of his fans though, a big bunch of them are approaching Pewdiepie levels of fanaticism.

06/05/2015 00:00:00

My biggest problem with Mr.Enter is that he is too over dramatic, Teen Titans Go! isn't horrible, it doesn't hold my attention but at least the voice acting and the art style are good. He acts like it is poisoning children's minds when in reality its just meh. A kid's show not being perfect isn't the end of the world.

09/18/2017 00:00:00

@TT 454: Why should a show being meant for kids mean it can't be critiqued as a story? You seem to be criticizing a review show for being a review show. Also, you say people should just select the entertainment they want to view and avoid what they don't want to review I stead of "mak[ing] themselves look like uncultured losers by whining and crying". But the people you're complaining about are just doing exactly what you are; expressing their negative opinion about media they don't like. By your own logic, why didn't you just avoid Enter's videos instead of writing this review? Also, he's actually done some pretty positive reviews of modern cartoons like "Bojack Horsemen", "Rick and Morty" and "Steven Universe".

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