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01/18/2017 11:16:39 •••

I hate this movie

I wouldn't hate it if it was recognized as being mediocre and faded into obscurity, but it currently has 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, and I just can't let this slide. The acting is bad, the story is bad, the direction is bad, the music is bad, the editing is bad. It's a story of emotion vs logic in which the emotional character is as bland and expressionless as everyone else and the logical computer and its drones are insane morons.

The amount of stupid is too much to describe in 400 words, but here are some highlights: several seconds of a car driving down a road spliced in where it has no relevance, the film becoming a photo negative for increments of a few seconds, dramatic music playing while nothing happens, all sound removed for a few seconds, two men attempting to kill Caution for no reason, and he kills them while still undercover as a journalist, being shown around Alpha 60's facility and photographing everything, but when his cover is blown, suddenly he wasn't supposed to see all that, a glass box containing a nude woman kept in a stairwell for no discernible reason, the loss of Alpha 60's influence causing the citizens to either stroke the walls or walk around crouching and waving their arms, a poor understanding of what a light-year is, a fight scene which appears to be shot with the actors moving slowly to resemble slow motion, and the films inability to decide when and where it takes place, seeing as locations on Earth and the year 1965 mentioned as the time despite civilization spanning multiple galaxies.

The central conflict is described as one between logic and emotion, but the dystopia borrows from other sources, such as 1984, which don't fit with this theme. Citizens are controlled using tranquilizers and prostitutes, despite neither of these things making people more logical. The execution method of being shot in the back and stabbed by synchronized swimmers doesn't much sense, being rather inefficient and publicly viewable, suggesting people get some manner of entertainment from the spectacle, being in conflict with the illegality of emotion (unfortunate, since it was the only part I was entertained by). The film combines incompatible ideas into something without consistency or substance, and the representation of logic and emotion indicates the creators understood neither.

01/18/2017 00:00:00

I actually like this movie with all of its pretentiousness and I agree it could be a bit overrated.

But my commentary is about this review, which I find to be excellent. THIS is how you rant on a movie. Showing with detail, respect (to the other moviegoers, that is) and analytically what and why you don't like it. Not just saying "utter bullshit me not likes". So kudos to the reviewer despite not sharing many parts of it.

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