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01/25/2018 12:36:20 •••

The failings of Girls Bravo

I'll say it plain and simple, this series is terrible. Granted that my opinion and theres god knows how many fans of this series, but still that doesn't change my opinion about this terrible series.

First off we have the main guy, Yukinari, who is somehow "allergic" to women. Not defensive or scared of them like Koyomi is of men, but ACTUALLY "breaks out in a rash" kind of allergic. He gets kicked into a portal (which for some weird and unexplained reason is his bathtub!) to Seiren where he meets the Genki Girl Miharu who is the first girl with whom he can touch without breaking out. Thusly, their fanservice and Gag Boobs filled adventures begins. Ok the big overall complaint I have is that there is NO plot in this series. I know this is an Echhi manga but seriously Omamori Himari and Inukami have better plots than this garbage. On top of this, many details and events in the story are glossed over or completely ignored. One of the most egregious examples is why in the hell Miharu can touch Yukinari. This is NEVER explained and to my knowledge has never been explained outside of the series either. The conclusion to the story introduces the whole "oh people from Seiren need to replenish their energy after staying on Earth by going back to Seiren" a detail that somehow didn't warrant the readers attention until the last few chapters.

The only thing that has actually stayed consistent throughout the story is the Fanservice, and even then after about 10 or 20 chapters this gets BORING. So lets recap so far; The plot doesn't exist and what passes for a plot is boring, trite and stupid, not to mention theres no character evolution or anything related to making the plot good. Characters are given bland personality types, some of which are so ridiculously over the top that its not even in the realm of manga believablity.

So overall this manga was horrible; heinous even for a manga that is a Fanservice/Echhi manga. Even though I typically lower my standards for Echhi manga (believe me we all know why we read them!) Girls Bravo is a terrible manga even for a Ecchi manga where the Fanservice is bland despite coming up with the most preposterous ways to see more boobs and panties and cannot for the life of it, scrap together a piecemeal pile of something that resembles a story.

08/15/2014 00:00:00

Probably the worst aspect of this show for me was Kirie, and her many many MANY abuses of the main character.

06/19/2015 00:00:00

The overall show is just so over the top with everything its like a flanderized version of the harem trope.

Most of the cast are attempted rapists. Characters are unsympathetic so you dont know if them getting punished is karmic retribution.

The relationship between Yukinari and Miharu could have been something. Alot of people have anxiety towards the opposite sex sometimes to the point of a syndrome. Any meaning behind that is overshadowed by multiple rape attempts against both of them.

"Rape as a comedy: The Anime"

01/24/2018 00:00:00

I read this manga back in high school. I wouldn\'t say it\'s amazing, but I didn\'t think it was that bad.

01/25/2018 00:00:00

While I agree with the review for the most part, I have two minor nitpicks:

1. Yukinari's rash is explained (at least, in the anime version) where it's shown he was repeatedly bullied by girls ever since he was a kid; with Kirie being the worst offender of the bunch. It made him so fearful of girls, that he began to develop a rash whenever he was near one.

2. There is some character development, but only where Kirie, Fukuyama, and Lisa are concerned. Kirie starts off being a b*tch towards Yukinari, but mellows out during season 2. Fukuyama gradually shifts from being an antagonist, to actually befriending Yukinari. And Lisa goes from being Fukuyama's horny kid sister, to being a big sister figure to both Ebi and Tomo. All three are noted on the character page.

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