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Jul 28th 2012 at 1:19:47 AM •••

Page is getting long, and we'll be unable to add new Wild Mass Guesses if we're not careful.

I'd like to split these into guesses between the RTD era and the Steven Moffat era, but the problem is the overlap some of these guesses have (River Song, for instance).

Nov 16th 2011 at 5:30:21 AM •••

Should this page have a link to the Time Lord WMG page?

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Aug 12th 2011 at 2:34:41 PM •••

The monster in "The Waters of Mars" is connected to the Midnight Entity.
Russell T Davies never did answer the Midnight question, and though the Midnight Entity didn't cause physical alterations in its hosts (at the time) and was transferred through speech instead of water, we never learned the full extent of its powers, either. Also, the woman in "Planet of the Dead" said, "It is returning through the darkness." "It," not "He." Perhaps it's pissed that they foiled its plans on Midnight, and now it's rolling out a new bag of tricks? The water allows it to jump between hosts much faster, the facial distortions are just side effects of the water draining out of its victims' bodies.
  • Um no, the woman on Planet of the dead definitely said 'he'.
    • Um no, the woman said it and that was confirmed by end of time

Moved from Doctor Who (with spoilers) due to it not being a current season, but, I don't recall the "out of the darkness" quote, except in series 1 of TORCHWOOD. Can I verify that this actually happened? (Plus I'm not sure what the last bullet point is verifying; I think I'd remember the Midnight creature being linked to the Flood.

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