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Sep 30th 2014 at 12:42:34 PM •••

I can't be the only one adding Tropes to this page, shouldn't anyone else provide support?

Sep 15th 2014 at 2:20:20 PM •••

You'll need to reupload it from here.

Sep 15th 2014 at 7:23:24 PM •••

Can you provide step by step detail?

Sep 16th 2014 at 2:30:29 AM •••

You'll need to download it to your own computer, crop it somehow so that it's less wide than 350px and then use the Media Uploader to get it on the wiki.

Sep 16th 2014 at 12:03:23 PM •••

Unfortunately my computer doesn't work, so can I place this image using a Mobile Device?


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Sep 17th 2014 at 1:21:47 AM •••

Seems like Willbyr already fixed it.

Nov 23rd 2014 at 7:27:47 PM •••

I believe that this image [1] is a better one for the page. Don't you agree?

Nov 24th 2014 at 4:00:09 AM •••

True, but it fits better than just the box art.

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