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Dec 6th 2015 at 9:10:44 AM •••

Regarding removal of Fake Difficulty:

Original example:

  • Fake Difficulty: Slow level-up, poor stats, extremely poor accuracy of literally every skill that isn't some variation on Aerial Ace (a limitation enemy Pokemon rarely share). All those friends you make via the Connection Orb? Can't use them for most story missions. Evolution? Not available until after you've already beaten the game.

Eagal's reasoning, as stated in the edit history:

  • I don't see how "It's roguelike" explains why it's not an example. Diablo is roguelike and it's nothing near as pointlessly difficult as this. Complaining? Listing aspects of the game that artificially inflate the difficulty is complaining now? Then why does the trope exist?

My response:

  • 'Pointlessly difficult' is not the same as Fake Difficulty, and Diablo is not a good example of a difficult Roguelike; that's not even its primary genre! It's classified Hack 'n' Slash game, which encourages cutting through enemies with relative ease. Accuracy is based on the speed stat, so it is manageable if the player keeps up with leveling. I don't see how it's 'cheap', per se, that 'story missions' require you to use story characters. Regular evolution doesn't even increase your stats; it's more of a Cosmetic Award. Can you provide some examples where the game takes difficulty out of the player's hands? Something like Perish Song spam?

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Dec 30th 2015 at 3:11:05 PM •••

Plus, the concept of most story dungeons not allowing you to use non-Partner Pokemon and evolution only being available in the postgame has been a staple of the series since Rescue Team.

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