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What to say about myself?

I was first introduced to this site from a seemingly innocuous link to But Thou Must! on another site. As you can see now, TV Tropes Has Ruined My Life. But despite usual visits to the site, I use it as a medium between work and play, seeing as all of these Tropes are very entertaining, but enhancing.

I'm an artist who loves to work with pixels on MS Paint, but I also draw and paint and write and create music.... Well, I've drawn Trope-tan, thus, a marking of a pretty-enhanced troper.

I go around TV Tropes, fixing up minor typos and syntax, occasionally adding a drably explained trope or example to a page. I have created one trope; Player-Generated Economy. I have created the work pages for Those Lacking Spines, I Know That Voice, and Blood Stain, as well as substantially expanded Fancy Pants Adventures. Feel free to add to any of those pages if you don't mind.

Tropes I like

Works I like

Video Games

  • Antichamber: Mind Screw and puzzles! Very creative and "interesting". :)
  • Aquaria: A game that provides just the right mood between calm and adventure in a gorgeous underwater world. The gameplay, art, and music are all impressive.
  • Dwarf Fortress: Not exactly my cup of tea, but the depth of the game mechanics in this game is quite astounding.
  • echochrome: An minimalistic yet elegant Perspective Magic game that makes me appreciate the game mechanic both in inventiveness and execution.
  • Fancy Pants Adventures: I love the animation gone into this game as well as how it puts a new spin on typical platforming features.
  • Ghost Trick: A thoroughly well-written puzzle of a game.
  • Journey: A very stylistic and emotional game with an elegant aesthetic. The soundtrack wrests my emotions.
  • Kingdom Hearts: Okay, so the story isn't the most impressive, but the gameplay and soundtrack—Yoko Shimomura, my goodness—are spectacular.
  • Monument Valley: Mobile puzzle game that uses Alien Geometries to gorgeous effect. Storytelling is intertwined with each level's theme.
  • NetHack: A roguelike with immensely detailed gameplay possibilities that considers almost anything possible in the game.
  • Persona 5: This dungeon crawler-slash-life sim has deeply-compelling characters, a sophisticated soundtrack, and incredible detail.
  • Pok√©mon: The work that introduced me to many other franchises! I still enjoy Pokemon for the metagame and creature designs.
  • The Stanley Parable: I like games that deconstruct video game mechanics. The Stanley Parable pulls off the illusion of choice in storytelling very well while being witty and well-designed.
  • Terraria: You can spend thousands of hours exploring, crafting, fighting, and experimenting with different builds and worlds in this sandbox RPG.
  • Undertale: The video game for people who excelled English literature class, this game is has layers upon layers, using gameplay mechanics, characterization, Leitmotifs, and double-meanings into what I can only call a storytelling experience.
  • VVVVVV: A simplistic platformer that has excellently-designed gameplay for its unique gravity mechanic.
  • Windosill: A delightfully well-animated, quirky, and charming "toybox".


  • Animusic: Music videos scripted to follow MIDI are a fascinating synthesis of two artistic media. The music itself is appealing to boot.
  • Axe Cop: Loony concept, phenomenal execution.
  • Blood Stain: A slice-of-life comic that comically turns predictable tropes on its head while preserving great art and character development.
  • Codex Seraphinianus: An enigmatic art book that is like a portal into an undiscovered world.
  • Fantasy Kaleidoscope: I am very impressed with the quality of work gone into this fan anime. The art and music are top-notch, although the fan dub can be better-timed.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Amazing characters, amazing story, amazing art... Despite my time on TV Tropes, it's hard for me to find a flaw with this work.
  • Hamilton: This work has incredible lyrical structure that changed my perspective of rhyme in music. This video does an excellent job of explaining how rhyming structure works.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe: The movies are entertaining, exciting, and full of callbacks for those who have stuck with the series.
  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse: A movie that pushes the boundary of its medium to tell its story.
  • Steins;Gate: Tightly-written, cerebral time-travel work. I found the movie not that strong, though.
  • Steven Universe: Good morals, mature storytelling, great music, lovely foreshadowing.
  • Tarzan: The movie has some of the most jaw-dropping, fluid animated sequences I know of. The camera swoops and soars and takes you on an adventure!
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Great action and a satisfying story, as shonen as it is. :)
  • Those Lacking Spines: One of the better fanfics I've read when I had time to read fanfics. Those Lacking Spines does an excellent job balancing meta-humor and a contiguous storyline.
  • Up: Great use of leitmotifs and symbolism.