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Apr 25th 2019 at 5:08:58 AM •••

I\'m wondering if Ultima Weapon should be classified under Brought Down to Badass, as if you take it to New Game+, it\'s reverted to level 1, but it still has the highest Strength stat out of all of the other Keyblades at the start of NG+ at 8 Strength (though the Magic stat isn\'t as good as most of the other Keyblades at only 3, so possibly this trope wouldn\'t apply if you\'re a Magic user, and I didn\'t unlock Classic Tone, so I don\'t know what the Strength stat on that is at the start)

Mar 30th 2019 at 10:27:04 AM •••


  • Final Death: According to Chirithy\'s speech in the Final World, a person is only truly dead if their body and their heart are both destroyed. Sora thinks he died after being sent there by the tornado of Heartless, but his heart\'s hanging on by a thread thanks to Kairi.

I don\'t know what trope this is, but Final Death is a gameplay trope, and this is describing a story trope.

Jan 21st 2019 at 12:31:35 AM •••

Is this page gonna be locked until the 29th, or 25th? Realistically, the 25th would be a better date to unlock it, since that\'s the Japanese release date.

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Jan 24th 2019 at 5:10:04 AM •••

Apparently locked now, which is a good move especially since the game is out in Japan today. I think the page can be unlocked on the 30th at the earliest.

Jan 24th 2019 at 8:30:32 AM •••

It is understandable for the whole page to be unlocked until the end of January, since that\'s when everything is patched up for public release.

Dec 17th 2018 at 5:13:05 AM •••

Is there anyway we can add stuff from the Final Battle trailer released today? Or is the leak potential too great?

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Dec 21st 2018 at 2:35:24 PM •••

It seems due to the fear of leaks, this is all we will get until its release on January 29th. Mods are most likely too busy anyway.

Dec 15th 2018 at 9:38:00 AM •••

The game is being leaked online as we speak. Can someone send a lock request for this page and all Kingdom Hearts III related pages right now to prevent spoilers from leaking onto the wiki?

Jun 11th 2018 at 9:36:21 PM •••

The main page, under Wham Shot, it says the released date was relieved last year. It was revived this year the release date is 29th, January 2019.

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